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The Happy Heroes' H'emporium is a weapon shop that sells dragon weapons. It is run by Helemos. It is located in the Heroes' Guild.

Stock Edit

Item Number
in stock
sold at
bought at
GE resale
Dragon battleaxe Dragon battleaxe 10 200,000 coins 110,000 132,894 -671,060
Dragon battleaxe Off-hand dragon battleaxe 10 200,000 coins 110,000 133,412 -665,880
Dragon mace Dragon mace 10 50,000 coins 27,500 24,076 -259,240
Off-hand dragon mace Off-hand dragon mace 10 50,000 coins 27,500 47,015 -29,850

Trivia Edit

  • The "H'" in front of the word Emporium is to keep the alliteration in the name and the name of the shop keeper, Helemos. The complete name can be reworded as "Helemos' Happy Heroes' H'emporium" to see the complete alliteration.
  • The "Off-hand" variants of the dragon weapons in this shop were added after the Evolution of Combat.
Facts about "Happy Heroes' H'emporium"RDF feed
Is members onlyYes
Sells itemDragon battleaxe +, Off-hand dragon battleaxe +, Dragon mace + and Off-hand dragon mace +
Store JSON{ "name": "Dragon battleaxe", "stock": "10", "price": "200000", "currency": "coins" }, { "name": "Off-hand dragon battleaxe", "stock": "10", "price": "200000", "currency": "coins" }, { "name": "Dragon mace", "stock": "10", "price": "50000", "currency": "coins" } and { "name": "Off-hand dragon mace", "stock": "10", "price": "50000", "currency": "coins" }

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