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Hammerstone seed detail
Fully grown Hammerstone hops.

Hammerstone seeds may be planted in hops patches to grow Hammerstone hops. One planting requires four seeds.

A nearby gardener will watch over your growing hammerstone hops at the cost of one marigold.

Hammerstone seeds may be pickpocketed from a Master Farmer or Martin the Master Gardener.

Stage Description Image
Healthy Hammerstone plants
1 The Hammerstone seeds have only just been planted. Hammerstone1
2 The Hammerstone hops plant grows a little bit taller. Hammerstone2
3 The Hammerstone hops plant grows a bit taller. Hammerstone3
4 The Hammerstone hops plant grows a bit taller. Hammerstone4
5 The Hammerstone hops plant is ready to harvest. Hammerstone5


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