Hallowed robes are a reward from the 2012 Hallowe'en event. The set consists of six pieces:
Hallowed robes equipped

Each piece can be bought for 25 Ectoplasm from Brother Righteous, so the entire set costs 150 ectoplasm. Each ghost gives 10 ectoplasm and there are five per wave, so it would take a minimum of three complete waves to buy the entire robe set. Any of the pieces can be changed to their Unhallowed robes counterpart by joining Brother Heinous, or simply by clicking "switch colour" on the item. All owned items are changed at once.

A full set of Unhallowed or Hallowed robes is required before purchasing the ectoplasmator.

All pieces of the set can be stored in Toy box in POH.

They are based on the robes the Druids wear in Taverley.

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