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Half full wine jug was discontinued from RuneScape after an update, but still exists in-game for those who have it.
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Half full wine jug detail

A Half full wine jug was obtained by drinking once from a jug of wine. Later, via update, it was changed so that a jug of wine was consumed in a single drink, making the half full wine jug the oldest discontinued item in RuneScape.

The rarity of this item comes from the fact that it became a discontinued item via a hidden update, and very few players possessed half full wine jugs at the time. Soon, their rarity was realised, and prices began to skyrocket. While the trade restrictions were present the Street value of this item was significantly more than any other rare with the exception of the Christmas cracker and some of the more expensive Partyhats.

Half full wine jugs are among the most sought-after items in RuneScape due to their extreme rarity.


  • Originally, in RuneScape Classic, a Half full wine jug spawned on the table in the Captured Temple. It was later replaced by the Wine of Zamorak.
  • Before the new Bank Op and Equip Screen Update, players were advised to not carry these items as an item, as they will turn into an empty jug if accidentally drunk. Players would usually withdraw this item as a bank note in order to avoid accidentally drinking them.
  • One half-full wine jug heals 700 life points when consumed, as does a regular jug of wine.
  • This wine is the most expensive consumable item in the game.

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