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Customisation Booth

The booth that appears during Customisation.

Hairdresser's Barber shop

Falador's Hairdresser

Hairstyles are a means of personalising a character's appearance. They are chosen when first starting the game, but players may visit the hairdresser in Falador to change their hairstyle for free after completing the tutorial. As of the Solomon's General Store update on 17 July 2012, players may now have the option to change their hairstyles through the Appearance tab of the Customisation interface without having to travel to Falador.

Hairstyles come in a variety of different looks, each differing based on whether the character is male or female. Players can choose from a variety of styles and facial hair to exhibit on their character.

Hairstyles are also available in a variety of colours. The primary colour affects the player's hair, facial hair and eyebrows. It also determines the colour of the edges of the buckle of Fighting boots. As of the release of Premium hairstyles, players now have the option to colour their hair with secondary colours on pre-selected sections of a purchased Premium hairstyle. Premium hairstyles are an array of hairstyles and facial hair that is only purchasable with Runecoins and thus can only be bought from the Solomon's General Store.

Hairstyle InterfaceEdit

To open the interface speak with the hairdresser or use the right-click method and select "Hair-Cut". This will open the hairstyle interface with which players will use to change and select their new hairstyles. Players must unequip any headgear or head slot items that are currently equipped to open the interface.

On the far left, there is a scroll menu displaying your options of hairstyles and beards. To the right of the category menu is another scroll menu, this time displaying the styles of hair/beards you can get. To the right of the style selection menu is the colour pallet. This let's you choose what colour you want your hairstyle/beard to be.

Alternatively, players could also change the style and colour of their hair through the Appearance tab of the Customisation interface. Under the Hairstyles/Beards subtab, normal default hairstyles/beards are available to be activated at any point of the game. Clicking on that will bring the player to a wide list of the hairstyles/beards available, with an orange highlight indicating the player's current style. Through this interface the player may inspect other hairstyles/beards available, without having to unequip their current headgear. Just to the right of the hairstyle/beard selection list is the colour pallet with available colours that can be applied to the chosen hairstyle/beard. Players are also given an option to view the hairstyle/beard through their avatar's overworld view, or chathead view as by clicking on the helm icon top-left of the avatar view. To save to one's desired hairstyle/beard, one must click on Activate just below the avatar view in which by then the hairstyle/beard would be saved with the avatar.

Some time after the opening of the Solomon's General Store, Premium hairstyles were exclusively available for purchase with Runecoins, and had a secondary hair colour option that came with the purchased hairstyles. This option can be activated with the half-face like icon just right of the hair selections, in which the right-half face icon and left-half face icon represents the primary colour pallet and secondary colour pallet respectively. Secondary hair colouring is currently only exclusive to hairstyles purchased from the Solomon's General Store.

Available Default StylesEdit

This section contains chathead screenshots of the hairstyles available as default, along with their names.




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  • On 13 August 2007 new hairstyles were added to the game. On the first week of its release, players could change their beard or hair for free.
  • On 9 December 2008 even more new hairstyles - 12 female, 8 male, and 4 facial hair, were added to the game. On the first week of its release, players could change their beard or hair for free.
  • On 10 December 2008 Jagex performed a system update to fix some graphical glitches with the new hairstyles, including one that was caused by the pigtail style and would make a female character's head rock back and forth continuously.
  • On 28 April 2009 more hairstyles were added to the game, including the popular request for fringes on females.
  • On 9 November 2009 seven more hairstyles were added to the game. The update also temporarily introduced a glitch that allowed a player to see other players while they were getting their hairstyle changed. It still remains active.
  • On 5 July 2010, when a player was in the hairstyle preview at the Salon, if the character had dreadlocks, a clear ring would be around the middle of the face, making it look like their head was in halves. The eyes would also be white with a black dot in the middle instead of the usual black dot. This can be fixed by equipping a head gear item though it would come back by taking the equipped item off or by logging out.
  • On 25 August 2010 new hairstyles were added, with 2 male hairstyles ("Punk" and "Samurai Variant") and 3 female hairstyles ("Alice Band," "Side Part Long," and "High Ponytail"). On the first week of its release, players could change their beard or hair for free.
  • On 17 July 2012, hairstyles could now be changed through the Appearance tab of the Customisation interface without having to visit the Hairdresser in Falador.


  • The "Goatee" includes a moustache with the connecting beard (surrounding the mouth) - this is more technically a Van Dyke or a Circle Beard. A true Goatee refers to hair only on the chin, thus resembling the tuft of hair that grows on the chin of goats (from which it got its name).
  • The "Dali" references Salvador Dalí, who sported that moustache in his later years.
  • The "Mohawk" is actually a Fauxhawk, with the "Mohawk shaved" variant being closer to a true Mohawk.
  • The "Page Boy" hairstyle was actually accessible before the new update. New players could keep selecting "Random Hairstyle" from the create a character screen until they got the hair style.
  • The facial hair style that is referred to as the "Full Moustache" in RuneScape is, in reality, called the "Friendly Mutton Chops" style.
  • The "Dragon" hairstyle is very similar to that of a Super Saiyan's hair from Dragonball Z & Dragonball GT. The "Dragon Variant" hairstyle however is also similar to a Super Saiyan 4's hairstyle (resembling Gogeta's more closely) from Dragonball GT.
  • The "Evanstyle" references the popular hair studio Evanstyle in South Korea.
  • The female version of the "Top Knot" hairstyle is similar (if not identical) to Ty Lee's hair from the Avatar: the Last Airbender series.
  • Some hairstyles become cropped after a game of Stealing Creation, a glitch probably caused when a player is still wearing their headgear at game end. This glitch has yet to be fixed.
  • There is currently a glitch in the game known as the "Bald glitch." When players rapidly equip and unequip headgear they may become bald. This does not affect game-play, but can be annoying and will not fix itself.
  • There is currently and for a long time, a glitch with the female curls hair where the eyes look bigger and more distorted than any other hair.
  • The shop assistant and the shopkeeper in the Lumbridge general store seem to have hair styles similar to the long swept fringe but swept the other way. This hair style is not available to players.
  • The Hairstyle "Earmuffs" may be a reference to the hair style in the movie "Star Wars (1977)" where Princess Leia has a similar hair style in the movie.

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