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Guthixian cache boost detail

Guthixian cache boost is a consumable reward from Guthixian Caches if the player has the Stored Power buff active from the Memorial to Guthix. The Stored Power buff allows the player to bottle the benefits for later use. Obtaining 100 points in a boost-giving cache grants one boost, which can be used to activate a full 20-minute Divination buff at any time. Obtaining less than 100 points results in the boost being awarded normally, rather than being bottled. When you apply the Guthixian cache boost, it will become an empty Butterfly jar.

You can only have one boost active at a time, so you can't stack multiple boosts to extend the duration. When trying to apply another boost while one is already active, the following message appears in the chat box: "You are already under the effects of a Guthixian cache boost."

Multiple bottled boosts can be owned at a time, but only 3 bottled Guthixian cache boosts can be used a day. This resets at 00:00 UTC, whether the player has logged out or not. When trying to apply a fourth boost, the following message appears in the chat box: "You have already reached the limit of applying three bottled Guthixian cache boosts today."


  • 10% chance for double loot from divine locations, at no extra cost to the player's gathering limit. Upon occurring, you get the message: You received double loot, as you recently completed a Guthix cache!
  • 10% chance to save a charge from a sign of the porter. Upon occurring, you get the message: As you completed a Guthixian cache recently, your sign of the porter did not lose a charge.
  • 10% chance to convert all memories at once while training Divination, this can happen with both enhanced experience and normal experience options, and still consumes the normal amount of energy for enhanced. Upon occurring, you get a unique animation.

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