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For the potion flask version, see Guthix rest flask.
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Guthix rest detail

Guthix rest is a potion. It is made during One Small Favour from a clean harralander and a clean marrentill. To make it use a clean harralander on a vial of water, then add one clean marrentill. You cannot add the herbs in inverse order. This makes a three-dose Guthix rest. Making Guthix rest gives a total of 59.5 Herblore experience. There is also a Super Guthix Rest made by adding Wine of Guthix.

After One Small Favour is completed, it can still be made. The combined cost of all the required herbs and vial of water would be 323 on the Grand Exchange. However, since they are rarely sold on the Grand Exchange, you may find that making them yourself is the better option than raising the price for priority and waiting. It still gives Herblore experience and has several useful effects. It reduces damage taken by poison by 10 life points per dose, heals 500 life points per dose, restores 5% run energy and boosts the maximum life points by 500 at full health. A full four dose potion restores a total of 2000 LP.

When first released, there was a glitch that caused the potion to restore all of the player's health. The glitch was quickly fixed. However, many players were banned for abusing the glitch to gain an unfair advantage in PvP situations.

Attempting to make this potion by adding the herbs to the vial of water before speaking with Sanfew, even partially into the quest, will result in: "You have no idea what effect this would have."

Price per DoseEdit

Item GE price Price per dose
Guthix rest (1) Guthix rest (1) 9 9
Guthix rest (2) Guthix rest (2) 12 6
Guthix rest (3) Guthix rest (3) 12 4
Guthix rest (4) Guthix rest (4) 30 8


Guthix rest (3) Guthix rest
Herblore-icon-Make-X GE icon
59.5 XP--
Herblore-icon Herblore level18
P2P icon Members only?Yes
Vial of waterVial of water15050
Clean harralanderClean harralander1121121
Clean marrentillClean marrentill1152152
Total price323

Anti-poison Active status icon

Life Points Boost Life Points Boosted status icon


The Guthix rest glitch was discovered in the One Small Favour quest.

This item instantly restored 100% of your Hitpoints when a player drank it. It was only supposed to boost the maximum life points if a player was at full health. This glitch was abused to win duels at the Duel Arena and to player kill without dying. This was fixed by Jagex shortly after discovery.

The glitched potion had the following effects:

  • Cure from poison
  • Restore some run energy
  • Fully heal and boost hitpoints by 5.


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  • The Guthix rest used to be drunk from a teacup. This was changed in an update on 20 May 2013.
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