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Barrows - Guthan's set detail

Barrows - Guthan's set contains Guthan the Infested's equipment. It is obtained through the Grand Exchange, by giving individual items to a Grand Exchange clerk in exchange for the set. This set, along with 250 Malevolent energy, is required if a player wishes to make Guthan the Bobbled.

The set consists of the following parts:

Guthan's Grand Exchange cost
Guthan's helmGuthan's helm452,092 [graph]
Guthan's platebodyGuthan's platebody1,570,242 [graph]
Guthan's chainskirtGuthan's chainskirt1,370,382 [graph]
Guthan's warspearGuthan's warspear2,800,908 [graph]
Total price6,193,624
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