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Guilds are special institutions often containing resources or stores selling armour or weapons which cannot be bought in any other store. Entry to the various different guilds requires a certain amount of quest points, a certain skill level, or completion of a specific quest. Note that guilds with a skill requirement may be accessed if the skill is temporarily boosted to meet the requirement. In some cases, if a guild does not exist, players will attempt to create their own, such as the Yanille Fletching Guild.

Free-to-play guildsEdit

Listed below are the guilds which may be accessed in the free-to-play version of RuneScape.

Guild Name Requirements Location
Skills Items Quests
Champions' Guild None None

33 Quest points

South of Varrock
Cook's Guild Cooking-icon 32

Chef's hat or
Cooking cape (No item is required if the player has finished all the easy, medium and hard Varrock Tasks)

None West of Varrock
Crafting Guild Crafting-icon 40 Brown apron None North of Rimmington
Mining Guild Mining-icon 60 None None Dwarven Mines


Prayer-icon 31 None None West of Edgeville
Runecrafting Guild Runecrafting-icon 50 None Rune Mysteries Top Floor on Wizard's Tower

Pay-to-play guildsEdit

Listed below are the guilds which can only be accessed in the members' version of RuneScape.

Guild Requirements Location
Skills Items Quests
Heroes' Guild None None Heroes' Quest Southwest of Burthorpe
Legends' Guild None None Legends' Quest Northeast of Ardougne
Warriors' Guild Attack-icon and Strength-icon level
that add up to at least 130,
or Attack-icon 99, or Strength-icon 99
None None Burthorpe
Fishing Guild Fishing-icon 68 None None North of Ardougne
Wizards' Guild Magic-icon 66 None None Yanille, near the bank.
Ranging Guild Ranged-icon 40 None None Southwest of Seers' Village
Thieves' Guild Thieving-icon 5 None Buyers and Cellars Lumbridge
Invention Guild None None None North-east of Falador
Max Guild Have a 99 in any skill or have a quest point cape to enter the Garden and be maxed to enter the Guild itself None Plague's End South eastern section of Prifddinas


  • Before the release of the Thieves' Guild on 28 April 2010 the Rogues' Den was assumed to be the Thieving guild by most players. The den involves Agility to just as great an extent as Thieving, however.

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