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Guam potion (unf) detail

A Guam potion (unf) is an unfinished potion made via the Herblore skill. Players make it by using a clean guam on a vial of water.

It can be used to make the attack potion at level 1 by adding a eye of newt, earning 25 experience, or ranging potion at level 3 by adding a Redberries, earning 30 experience. It is also used to make the super fishing explosive at level 31 by adding rubium, earning 55 experience.


Guam potion (unf) Guam potion (unf)
Herblore-Make-X GE icon
1 XP-390
Herblore Herblore level1
P2P icon Members onlyNo
Vial of waterVial of water15858
Clean guamClean guam1281281
Total price339


Level Potion Secondary Ingredient XP Cost Cost/XP
1 Attack potion Eye of newt 25 -216 -8.64
3 Ranging potion Redberries 30 151 5.03
31 Super fishing explosive Rubium 55 -390 -7.09

These costs are calculated based on buying the unfinished potion premade. This allows you to skip putting clean guams in a vial of water. However, this method is more expensive. The extra loss accumulated via this method is -51 per potion, however, the experience per hour is doubled.


The profit for making an unfinished guam potion using either a vial of water or filling your own vial is as follows.

Herb: Using Vial of Water Filling your own Vial
Clean 51 108
Grimy 0 57


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