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The Gu ronin is an attackable NPC that can be found randomly on Uncharted Isles. They can be killed for combat experience. Like most human NPCs found on the Uncharted Isles, they are capable of using abilities in combat. While not aggressive, they are very accurate and hit very hard, and are clumped up in usually large groups, making it very dangerous to use area-of-effect attacks and abilities.

Players are required to kill three of them during the Jed Hunter miniquest. They have a dramatically increased, albeit not guaranteed, chance to spawn during the miniquest until the player has killed the required amount.

Their armour and weapons are Gu ronin armour, Tetsu katana, and Tetsu wakizashi. Attacking the Gu ronin will scale their life points and combative abilities to the player's own combat level.

Outside Jed Hunter they will always be found near a camp fire, which acts as their respawn point. This camp fire cannot be used to cook food upon.


Item Quantity Rarity GE price
Chimes 1Chimes4–7CommonNot sold
Coins 250Coins340Uncommon340
Rune arrow 5Rune arrow7–15Common1,043–2,235
Rune platelegsRune platelegs1Uncommon36,906
Amulet of powerAmulet of power1Uncommon3,738
Adamant crossbowAdamant crossbow1Uncommon6,291
Off-hand adamant crossbowOff-hand adamant crossbow1Uncommon5,932
Magic logsMagic logs10 (noted)Uncommon4,860
Super defence (2)Super defence (2)(noted)Uncommon2,930
Super strength (2)Super strength (2)(noted)Uncommon4,260