Also called Ogre city
Release date 7 May 2003 (Update)
Kingdom Feldip Hills
Members Yes
No. of banks 0
No. of altars 0
No. of obelisks 1
Main music Gaol
Leader The Ogre Shamans
Teleportation Yanille lodestone, then run south - south/east. Using a ring of duelling to Castle Wars then run east.
Guilds None
Inhabitants Ogres (ruling), Skavids
Gu'Tanoth map
Gu'Tanoth standard

Gu'Tanoth is the ogre capital city, south of Yanille and far south of Ardougne, in the Feldip Hills. Players can enter Gu'Tanoth after starting or completing the Watchtower quest. It will also ask you for a variety of items to prove your worth.



The "market" of the ogres.

The city of Gu'Tanoth is home to two traditional stores. The first, Dal's General Ogre Supplies, is a general store run by Dal that stocks very basic items seen in most other general stores.

The second, Grud's Herblore Stall, is, as the name suggests, a store run by Grud that stocks ingredients used in the Herblore skill. Such items include vials and vial packs, pestles and mortars, eyes of newt, and eye of newt packs.

There is a stall featuring some rock cakes which may be stolen from with a Thieving level of at least 15. The rock cakes inflict damage if consumed, and are used during the Watchtower quest to gain access across one of Gu'Tanoth's bridges.

To enter town by the southern gate, a player needs to pay the guards 1 gold bar.

Ogre EnclaveEdit

The Ogre Enclave contains many high level monsters such as blue dragons, greater demons, and ogre shamans. In the centre of the cave is the Rock of Dalgroth, which you can mine while completing the Watchtower quest for the fourth crystal. The ogre shamans in there are invincible and can only be killed during the quest.

Skavid cavesEdit

The skavid caves are home to the skavids, slaves of Ogres. To enter their caves you must have a skavid map, which you get during the Watchtower quest, and a light source.


There is a Summoning obelisk and shop, just before the entrance to Gu'Tanoth. Bogrog will swap spirit shards for Summoning pouches at a 70% rate, provided the player's Summoning level is high enough relative to the level requirement of the pouch being traded (see the Bogrog article for more information). At least 21 Summoning is required to swap pouches into spirit shards.


Music unlockedEdit


  • On one of the oldest RuneScape Classic maps available, this city was referred to as "Orge City"[sic].