Grouping System tab

The Grouping System is a feature that was released on 1 September 2014. The Grouping System allows players to organise events that involve boss fights, skills, and minigames with other players on all worlds. Players can create groups within the system and use a separate chat tab for communication with those in the same activity and those specific to the team at hand.


Community (Grouping System) interface

The tab in the community interface.

Creating a group and inviting friends is the most popular option for many players, as queueing is completely random and unreliable for many players to make teams. After a group is formed, every player of the group must be on the same world. If "Ready" is selected before changing worlds, the grouping system will offer you the ability to quick hop worlds. The world is dependent upon the current group leader.

If the group leader leaves the group, the system will assign a new group leader by highest rank first, or by order of the list (starting at the top). If the current group leader logs out for 1 minute or more, the system will automatically demote the user to "Group Member" rank and transfer leadership to one of the currently active players.

A group is required to kill Beastmaster Durzag and Yakamaru.


Using the grouping system, the group leader can easily teleport to locations such as Mazcab to partake in Liberation of Mazcab, Supply runs or Nemi Forest dailies. This is done by doing the following steps:

  1. Open the "Community" interface on the Ribbon
  2. Click on the grouping system tab
  3. Create a new group
  4. Select "Liberation of Mazcab" under the Raids drop down menu
  5. At the bottom of the interface, click "View Selected"
  6. "Update Group" .
  7. Click "Ready" in the Grouping System tab
  8. When all group participants are ready, complete the group and teleport all players.
The players must be out of all interfaces and not engaged in combat or in any PvP location such as the Duel Arena


Activity Stream

The Activity Stream interface.

  • The Grouping System replaced a previous planned feature called the Activity Stream.
  • Players who are in a group will have overhead life point bars that are a brighter hue of green.
  • Players in the same group have higher visual priority over summoning Familiars and other players.
  • Although not functional in F2P, the Grouping System can still be used for private chatting by F2P players / worlds.

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