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Grog detail

Grog is a type of drink that is similar to beer, however it yields much different effects. It increases your Strength by 3 and lowers your Attack by 6. It also heals 30 life points. It can be bought at the bar in Brimhaven, Jossik in the Lighthouse, or the bar in Pollnivneach. It cannot be brewed. This can be a very cheap drink to buy. It is mainly a pirate drink in Runescape and real-life.

Store locationsEdit

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Seller Cost Currency Base stock Members?
The Asp & Snake Bar3Coins 3Coins 10Yes
Dead Man's Chest3Coins 3Coins 10Yes
The Lighthouse Store3Coins 3Coins 10Yes


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  • In real life, grog was a mixture of water and rum issued aboard sailing ships of the British Royal Navy. The mixture helped prevent water from going stagnant but kept for a shorter time than rum, preventing sailors from saving up their rations to drink all at once.

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