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For the Ranged gloves, see Ascension grips.
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Grip chathead

Grip is fought during the Heroes' Quest. He has the key you need to open the chest with the candlesticks during the thieves' armband section. He lives in Brimhaven and is found at ScarFace Pete's Mansion.

In order to get his key ring you, or your partner, must kill him. A player who began the quest within the Phoenix Gang will need to kill him using ranging or maging equipment from a window on the opposite side of his yard.

Once dead, he drops a key for use in said quest, which a player who began the quest within the Black Arm Gang must retrieve.


Item Quantity Rarity GE price
Grip's keyGrip's key1AlwaysNot sold


He wears an old version of a Steel full helm,Iron chainbody, and Steel battleaxe.

Facts about "Grip"RDF feed
All Combat experience37.2 +
All Combat level21 +
All Is members onlytrue
All Release date27 February 2002 +
Combat experience37.2 +
Combat level21 +
Drop JSON{ "name": "Bones", "quantity": [1,1], "rarity": "Always" } and { "name": "Grip's key", "quantity": [1,1], "rarity": "Always" }
Drops itemBones + and Grip's key +
Is members onlytrue
Release date27 February 2002 +

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