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Grindxplox is an enemy found only in the Stealing Creation tutorial. He is a player spoof similar to 1337sp34kr and similar characters in various cut scenes. Players must escape from him and later steal a Sacred clay pickaxe. He is obviously not very skilled at the game, as he has the lowest personal score and the most deaths when the game is complete. Although he represents a player, he is seemingly unable to hit through prayer. He is also capable of attacking players hidden in fog. If you follow him after pickpocketing him in the tutorial he goes to a corner.


  • His name means Grind-X please, and may refer to the Bone grinder at Ectofuntus, which was considered quite slow to use because bones had to be ground one at a time, each taking three actions. An update was made later that added the option to automatically grind all bones. Alternatively, it may refer to Grinding as an act. Also see skilling.
  • If you forced him to appear in chatbox, his chathead would be blank.
  • Grindxplox could easily be killed (for example, using the combined power of the abilities Berserk and Assault, with the hatchet you make during the tutorial). When killed, he drops regular bones, which is odd since bones in Stealing Creation does not drop from the player's death inside the game.
  • He also grants experience, unlike players in the game.

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