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Grimy spirit weed detail

A grimy spirit weed is a herb that has not yet been cleaned to make a clean spirit weed. Grimy spirit weeds may be grown from a spirit weed seed with a Farming level of 36. It is dropped noted by mutated jadinko babies, guards, and males. Cleaning a grimy spirit weed requires a Herblore level of 35 and gives 7.8 Herblore experience. Clean spirit weeds are used to make summoning potions with a Herblore level of 40.

Cleaning grimy spirit weed yields a profit/loss of 139 coins per herb.

Dropping monstersEdit

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Source Combat level Quantity Rarity
Black demonN/A1Common
Black demon (Demon Flash Mobs)N/A1Common
Falador resource bundleN/A1Unknown
Mutated jadinko babyN/A1Common
Mutated jadinko guardN/A1Common
Mutated jadinko maleN/A1Common


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Money makingEdit

Farming spirit weed
ProfitTimeEffective ProfitSkill requirementsOther requirementsExperience
137,997.24 5 1,656,000 36 Farming-icon
61 Magic-icon recommended
My Arm's Big Adventure strongly recommended
Plague's End recommended
1483 Farming-icon

Trivia Edit

  • Grimy spirit weeds are one of the five herbs that cannot be obtained from the Sorceress's Garden minigame.
  • Grimy spirit weed is the only herb that is merely darker and does not actually look dirty.

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