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Grimy ranarr detail

A grimy ranarr is a herb that can be cleaned to make a clean ranarr. Grimy ranarr may be grown from a ranarr seed with a Farming level of 32. Cleaning a grimy ranarr requires a Herblore level of 25 and gives 7.5 Herblore experience. Clean ranarr are used to make prayer potions with Herblore level 38. Grimy ranarr may also be obtained from the Sorceress's Garden minigame. Grimy herbs, including ranarr, are commonly found by killing chaos druids. Killing flesh crawlers and ice warriors are also a relatively good strategy to collect grimy ranarr.

Cleaning grimy ranarr yields a profit/loss of 46 coins per herb.


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Dropping monstersEdit

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Source Combat level Quantity Rarity
'Rum'-pumped crabN/A1Common
Aberrant spectreN/A1–3Common
Abyssal demon (Heart of Gielinor)N/A1Unknown
Air elementalN/A1Uncommon
Al Kharid warriorN/A1Uncommon
Ancient mageN/A1Uncommon
Ancient mage (Heart of Gielinor)N/A1Unknown
Ancient rangerN/A1Uncommon
Ancient ranger (Heart of Gielinor)N/A1Unknown
Ancient warrior (Heart of Gielinor)N/A1Unknown
Ankou (elite)N/A1Uncommon
Aquanite (elite)N/A1Uncommon
Armoured zombieN/A1Uncommon
Automaton (Heart of Gielinor)N/A1Unknown
Automaton GeneratorN/A4Rare
Automaton GuardianN/A4Rare
Automaton TracerN/A4Rare
Automaton championN/A1Unknown
Bandit (Kharid Bandit Camp)N/A1Rare
Bandit (Pollnivneach)N/A1Rare
Bandit (Wilderness)N/A1Rare
Bandit BrawlerN/A1Rare
Bandit looterN/A1Rare
Black Guard crossbowdwarfN/A1Uncommon
Black HeatherN/A1Uncommon
Black KnightN/A1Uncommon
Black Knight (Heart of Gielinor)N/A1Unknown
Black Knight TitanN/A1Unknown
Black Knight championN/A1Unknown
Black demonN/A1Common
Black demon (Demon Flash Mobs)N/A1Common
Blissful shadowN/A1Common
Blood reaverN/A1Uncommon
Blood reaver (Heart of Gielinor)N/A1Unknown
Bloodveld (Heart of Gielinor)N/A1Unknown
Blue dragonN/A1Uncommon
Brutal green dragonN/A1Uncommon
Brutish jadinkoN/A1Common
Butcher demonN/A1Unknown
Cave bugN/A1Uncommon


  • Interestingly, the item itself is called "grimy ranarr". However, when a player cleans the ranarr, he or she receives the message, "You clean the dirt from the ranarr weed." This is a reference to the fact that "grimy ranarr" were once referred to as "ranarr weeds" in RuneScape history.
  • Since the beginning of June 2009, and more noticeably towards the middle of June 2009, grimy ranarr spiked in price, reaching nearly 10k coins in the Grand Exchange, compared to only 7k at the beginning of the month. This is because the PvP and Bounty World updates increased demand for prayer potions, or possibly due to the price manipulation.
  • Druids are most popular to train on because of their herb drops, making this very profitable for lower levels and higher levels who either want to make money or collect the herbs they get for Herblore.
  • All herbs dropped in price in the beginning months of 2011, caused possibly by the Bonus XP Weekends and increasing botting of herb gathering such as Sorceress's Garden. The ranarr was most noticeable - It dropped from approximately 7k coins to less than 3k in about a week after the weekend had finished. After the "bot nuke" in October of the same year, the price skyrocketed and had gained back all of its losses from the previous 180 days, and more.

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