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Grimy guam detail

A Grimy guam is a herb that has not yet been cleaned to make a clean guam. Grimy guams may be grown from a guam seed with a Farming level of 9. It is dropped by certain non-player characters. Cleaning a grimy guam requires an Herblore level of 1 and gives 2.5 Herblore experience. Clean guams are used to make Attack potions at level 1, Ranging potion at level 3, Guthix rests (requires 2 clean guams) at level 18, and Super fishing explosives at level 31. They are also a secondary ingredient for a Macaw, at level 41 Summoning. Grimy guams may also be obtained from the Sorceress's Garden minigame.

After the newly renovated Taverley and Member tutorial you can obtain these from Gelatinous abominations as well.

Cleaning grimy guam yields a profit/loss of 21 coins per herb.


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Obtained fromEdit

This herb is extremely common and is dropped by many monsters, including:


  • Guam is the name of an island in the western Pacific.
  • On 2 March, 2013, Grimy guams were made available to free players with the release of Burthorpe and Taverley becoming free to play areas.

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