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Grimy fellstalk detail

Grimy fellstalk is a high-level herb, obtained by growing a fellstalk seed, requiring level 91 Farming (giving 225 experience for planting the seed and 315.6 per herb harvested). It can then be cleaned into a clean fellstalk at level 91 Herblore, giving 16.8 experience.

Upon the release of the Fellstalk herb, it was obtainable via Managing Miscellania. This meant that players who checked their kingdom at the time of release received some grimy fellstalk. This was soon removed.

Cleaning grimy fellstalk yields a profit/loss of 119 coins per herb.

Despite being the highest-levelled herb, it is vastly lower in price than many lower-levelled herbs. This is primarily because fellstalk seeds are dropped by a large number of monsters and are thus easy to obtain.


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