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Grenwall spikes detail

Grenwall spikes can be obtained by trapping Grenwall in Isafdar with box traps and pawya meat at 77 Hunter, bought on the Grand Exchange, or via a Divine box trap. Spikes are dropped by Cadarn rangers in Prifddinas.

These spikes are the secondary ingredient to Extreme ranging potions; five spikes are needed per potion. They can also be used to make headless arrows or sold to Aleck in Yanille and Artimeus in Nardah for 60 coins each. Due to their price it is highly recommended to not turn these into arrows or sell them to either Hunter store.

Grenwall hunting has the potential to be profitable, making up to 31,600,000 from 77-99 Hunter if catching both Pawya and Grenwall. This all depends on the current Grand Exchange prices, average spikes per Grenwall, and if herbs are collected or not. Refer to the Grenwall page for more information about hunting them.


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  • If a spike is used on Leon, he'll say that the spike can be used in something he has yet to invent.
  • Grenwall spikes have the same icon as chaotic spikes.
  • Grenwall spikes were reducing gradually in price due to bots flooding the hunting locations; going from an extremely profitable way to skill to much less profitable. When ClusterFlutterer was released the price started to rise again.
    • Later, completing the medium Tirannwn Tasks makes it possible to hunt Grenwall without requiring to bait the traps, the hourly hunter xp became even more. As a result Grenwall spikes became a lot more common, causing the prices to crash.

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