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Grenwall hiding

Level 77
Experience 1100
Location Isafdar, Grenwall portal
Trap Box trap
Preferred bait Raw pawya meat - Required
Retaliation No
Loot Always: Grenwall spikes, Bones
raw pawya meat,
grimy cadantine,
grimy ranarr,
grimy lantadyme,
grimy irit,
grimy kwuarm,
grimy toadflax,
grimy avantoe,
grimy dwarf weed
Examine A spiny creature.
Grenwall icon

Grenwall are vicious Hunter creatures found only in the forests of Isafdar and Nyriki's hunting grounds (the latter needs quota tickets from Big Chinchompa minigame). Level 77 Hunter is required to catch them. Box traps must be baited with raw pawya meat as they hunt pawya; unlike most other Hunter creatures, this bait is required to catch grenwalls. They offer the most experience of any Hunter creature when caught.

Upon successfully looting the creature, they drop from 18 to 21 of their grenwall spikes. These spikes can be used to make extreme ranging potions, sold to the hunter stores in Yanille and Nardah, or used as an alternative for arrow shafts. In addition to dropping their unique spikes, players can also get random herbs, from grimy ranarr to grimy dwarf weed (excluding grimy spirit weed and grimy wergali).

When they attack a pawya, the prey is hit from a distance along with a strange hissing sound. The pawya lies on the ground, probably dead, until the grenwall comes up and eats it. When examined it states that the creature was attacked.

Players can teleport close to the hunting area using a Superior locator, or the Tirannwn lodestone.

Like their pawya prey, the pawya meat bait will be consumed on a failed catch, however there is a chance that you may receive it back along with the loot on a successful catch.


All elf hunting creatures will either sleep or hide themselves when players are near them, so they should make sure to run a few steps away after the trap is laid.

Jagex also specified that due to the magical influence of Isafdar, Grenwalls are not fooled by the use of camouflage gear, such as clothes made from the fur of hunter creatures. As a result, it is preferable to wear weight-reducing clothing when hunting these creatures.

Illustration of where to place box traps
An illustration of where to place box traps
The best method of hunting grenwalls is to catch them in combination with pawyas. Players should take a Fruit Bat familiar with at least 100 Fruitfall scrolls to a hunter spot that contains both grenwalls and pawyas. Surround a grenwall spawn location with three traps, all baited with raw pawya meat, and use the remaining two, baited with papayas, to hunt pawyas. Continually cast Fruitfall to replenish the supply of papayas and if necessary bait 3 traps, instead of two, with papayas if pawya meat supplies run low.

Bank at Lletya when you have a full inventory of herbs, or the nearby deposit box, present only after Deadliest Catch quest. This method will enable you to obtain roughly 1k grenwall spikes per hour and approximately 100k to 150k worth of high level herbs. It is also possible to get papaya tree seeds as loot from pawyas, though this is rare.

Note: Dropping herbs and 'camping' with multiple fruit bat pouches is not an effective training method. This will only gain you 10-15k hunter experience per hour more than banking them and about 200-300 more spikes per hour. This may have changed with the recent deposit box addition. For faster experience, it is recommended to take at least three hunter potions (4) with each trip, and possibly some scentless potion.

A second method of hunting grenwalls involves pre-buying raw pawya meat and using a banking method to run trips between Lletya and one of the multiple grenwall locations. Using this method you can achieve a higher catch rate per hour and an expert hunter can receive between 700-1700 spikes/h and 100-105k xp/h. Using a banking method allows you to use a level boosting familiar such as an Arctic Bear or a beast of burden, such as a War Tortoise or Yak. A player would start at Lletya with 5 box traps, 1 teleport crystal, their grenwall spike stack and a replacement pouch if they will be unable to complete the trip in the time remaining on the current familiar, then fill the remaining inventory space with raw pawya meat.

Players who have done enough Dungeoneering will also find taking a Bonecrusher to be quite helpful, as it will automatically crush obtained bones. Herbicide also helps for taking out unwanted herbs.

Big ChinchompaEdit

Access to a private hunting area is one of the possible rewards from participating in the Big Chinchompa D&D. This area is very close to a bank and allows for around 200k XP/hr (after applying the time the D&D required). The D&D can only be participated in twice per day (a total of 40 minutes), allowing up to 300 Grenwalls to be caught per day. The best training method is to use an Arctic bear, a Bonecrusher, and an Enhanced yaktwee stick.

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