For the standard variant, see Green dragon.
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A Green dragon may be encountered in the abandoned levels while training Dungeoneering. This monster uses a long-range dragonfire attack in addition to its regular dragonfire attack. This can prove very deadly to those without an anti-dragon shield or a Cure potion, or those with two-handed weapons such as bows or two-handed swords. Protect from/Deflect Magic may also be used to avoid heavy damage from Dragonfire, but the dragon will still regularly hit in the 200s (this is also the only way to realistically exploit their weakness). The three species of dragons (Frost, Iron and Green) found in Daemonheim floors accessible to Free-to-play are the only dragons apart from Elvarg that free-players can fight.


100% dropEdit

Item Quantity Rarity GE price
Dragon bonesDragon bones1AlwaysNot sold

Other dropsEdit

Please note that the quantities and rarities are random. Dropped food will usually be the second best you can fish and cook, and drops in general will become less generous as you progress.
Torn bags
Please note that non-members can receive torn bags as well, although they can only sell them (or alchemise).


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