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This article is about the the standard variant; for the variant encountered while Dungeoneering, see Green dragon (Daemonheim).

Green dragons are the weakest of the four adult chromatic dragons and the weakest adult dragon that can breathe fire in RuneScape, with a combat level of 63. They mainly attack with magic and a long-ranged dragonbreath attack. If the player is in melee distance, they can also use melee. As with all adult dragons, wielding an Anti-dragon shield or Dragonfire shield, using Protect from Magic, or being under the effects of a Super antifire potion are a must, otherwise they can breathe fire which can deal extremely high damage (1000+). They are also the only one of the four chromatic dragons that don't have an attackable baby form; baby Green dragons are only available as level 99 Summoning pets. They can be found in various locations throughout the Wilderness as well as the Chaos Tunnels.

Killing Green dragons for their bones and hides is one of the oldest methods of money making in RuneScape. A combined inventory of Dragon bones and Green dragonhides is worth approximately 64,000gp. The 1 February 2011 updates, which removed revenants from the Wilderness and brought back player killers, sharply increased green dragonhide prices. Later, they decreased again as botters returned to Runescape. The bones and dragonhides are commonly utilised by players training Prayer and Crafting respectively, creating the demand for these two items.

If assigned for a slayer task, Brutal green dragons may take their place. However, this requires the completion of the Barbarian Firemaking training.

Green dragons

Crowded green dragons in the Wilderness, before the 1st February 2011 update.

Note: There is no guarantee that there will be no PKers, and it is up to players to take caution.


  • 3 Green dragons: (level 12–15 Wilderness) North of Goblin Village and west of Dark Warriors' Fortress. Note: No longer has safespots. Players in the Wilderness may also attack you, though this is rarely patrolled due to players being able to teleport immediately out. Seldom crowded.
  • 5 Green dragons: (level 48–52 Wilderness) South-east of the Lava Maze. This spot may be patrolled by pkers.
  • 12 Green dragons: (level 18–24 Wilderness) East of Boneyard. The most popular area to kill green dragons. The chance to get player killed in this area is small to non existent.
  • Chaos Tunnels (Baby black dragons) making this area somewhat irritating for many players. There are 3 Green dragons in one cave and 4 Green dragons in the other; see the map of the Tunnels in the article for more information.
  • 5 Green dragons: Forinthry Dungeon (around level 17–18 Wilderness). They are just beside the Greater demons area. It can be accessed in level 39 or level 22 Wilderness, near the southwest entrance to the old Bounty Hunter volcano. Although it was considered the safest place for Green dragon hunting, there has been a rise in player killers at this area due to it's popularity, and the fact players must bypass this area to access the revenants. Warning: If you take the level 39 entrance you may have to pass through revenants and other dangerous monsters in the Dungeon to get to the spot.
  • Daemonheim: On the Abandoned set of floors. These dragons are much more dangerous, as they range from low to very high levels and also do magic attacks, plus long-range firebreath.



100% dropEdit

  Item Quantity Rarity GE market price
Dragon bones Dragon bones 1 1 Always 2,685
Green dragonhide Green dragonhide 1 1 Always 1,911


  Item Quantity Rarity GE market price
Steel platelegs Steel platelegs 1 2 Common 248
Adamant full helm Adamant full helm 1 2 Common 1,533
Mithril kiteshield Mithril kiteshield 1 3 Uncommon 762


  Item Quantity Rarity GE market price
Steel battleaxe Steel battleaxe 1 2 Common 98
Mithril hatchet Mithril hatchet 1 2 Common 99
Mithril spear Mithril spear 1 3 Uncommon 188
Rune dagger Rune dagger 1 3 Uncommon 4,189


  Item Quantity Rarity GE market price
Water rune Water rune 75–150 2 Common 1,950–3,900
Fire rune Fire rune 37 2 Common 2,257
Nature rune Nature rune 15, 30, 75 2 Common 4,590–22,950
Law rune Law rune 3 2 Common 1,266


Charm drop percentages
No charms Gold charm Green charm Crimson charm Blue charm






Represents 90% confidence range, based on a sample of 17,236 kills.
1 charm is dropped at a time.

Please add to the log (only if 50 or more creatures killed).


  Item Quantity Rarity GE market price
Grimy irit Grimy irit 1 2 Common 1,640
Grimy harralander Grimy harralander 1 2 Common 84
Grimy guam Grimy guam 1 3 Uncommon 406
Grimy avantoe Grimy avantoe 1 3 Uncommon 3,172
Grimy cadantine Grimy cadantine 1 3 Uncommon 1,652
Grimy marrentill Grimy marrentill 1 3 Uncommon 99
Grimy tarromin Grimy tarromin 1 3 Uncommon 32
Grimy ranarr Grimy ranarr 1 3 Uncommon 2,465
Grimy kwuarm Grimy kwuarm 1 3 Uncommon 2,675
Grimy lantadyme Grimy lantadyme 1 3 Uncommon 6,877
Grimy dwarf weed Grimy dwarf weed 1 3 Uncommon 7,322


  Item Quantity Rarity GE market price
Coins 250 Coins 11–440 2 Common Not sold
Bass Bass 1 2 Common 351
Perfect green dragon scale Perfect green dragon scale 1 2 Common [1] Not sold
Adamantite ore Adamantite ore 1 3 Uncommon 1,306
Black dragon tail-bone Green dragon tail-bone 1 3 Uncommon [2] Not sold
Green dragon egg Dragon egg 1 5 Very rare [3] Not sold
Clue scroll Clue scroll (hard) 1 4 Rare Not sold
Spirit sapphire Spirit sapphire 1 4 Rare Not sold
Spirit emerald Spirit emerald 1 4 Rare Not sold
Spirit ruby Spirit ruby 1 4 Rare Not sold
Court summons Court summons 1 5 Very rare Not sold
Ancient effigy Starved ancient effigy 1 5 Very rare Not sold
  1. ^ Only while performing Vannaka's Slayer challenge.
  2. ^ Only during the Fur 'n' Seek wish list.
  3. ^ Must be 99 Summoning.

Rare drop table dropsEdit

This monster has access to the rare drop table.
The ring of wealth is not required to access the table.
Show/hide rare drop table
Item Quantity Rarity GE Market Price
Coins 250 Coins 200–350,3,000 2 Common Not sold
Uncut sapphire Uncut sapphire 1 2 Common 1,282
Uncut emerald Uncut emerald 1 2 Common 2,561
Uncut ruby Uncut ruby 1 2 Common 3,034
Uncut diamond Uncut diamond 1 3 Uncommon 5,634
Loop half of a key Loop half of a key 1 3 Uncommon 34,664
Tooth half of a key Tooth half of a key 1 3 Uncommon 34,489
Uncut dragonstone Uncut dragonstone 1 4 Rare 14,477
Dragonstone Dragonstone 1 4 Rare 10,151
Dragon dagger Dragon dagger 1 3 Uncommon 16,686
Rune battleaxe Rune battleaxe 1 4 Rare 24,170
Rune javelin Rune javelin 5 4 Rare 915
Adamant javelin Adamant javelin 20 5 Very rare 1,220
Rune 2h sword Rune 2h sword 1 5 Very rare 37,467
Rune spear Rune spear 1 5 Very rare 11,499
Dragon spear Dragon spear 1 5 Very rare 36,368
Battlestaff Battlestaff 200 (noted) 4 Rare 1,554,000
Rune sq shield Rune sq shield 1 5 Very rare 22,166
Rune kiteshield Rune kiteshield 1 5 Very rare 31,776
Shield left half Shield left half 1 5 Very rare 63,182
Dragon helm Dragon helm 1 5 Very rare 58,770
Adamant bolts 5 Adamant bolts 200 3 Uncommon 12,600
Onyx bolts 5 Onyx bolts 150 4 Rare 1,273,200
Rune arrow 5 Rune arrow 150 4 Rare 22,650
Vecna skull Vecna skull 1 5 Very rare 96,512
Water talisman Water talisman 1 3 Uncommon 10,516
Earth talisman Earth talisman 25–35 (noted) 3 Uncommon 63,700–89,180
Fire talisman Fire talisman 25–35 (noted) 3 Uncommon 64,525–90,335
Chaos talisman Chaos talisman 1 3 Uncommon 730
Nature talisman Nature talisman 1 3 Uncommon 487
Pure essence Pure essence 1,000–1,500 (noted) 3 Uncommon 17,000–25,500
Nature rune Nature rune 60–80 4 Rare 18,360–24,480
Soul rune Soul rune 20 4 Rare 4,200
Law rune Law rune 45 4 Rare 18,990
Death rune Death rune 50 4 Rare 15,050
Blood rune Blood rune 50 4 Rare 24,600
Raw swordfish Raw swordfish 125–250 (noted) 3 Uncommon 59,625–119,250
Raw shark Raw shark 250 (noted) 3 Uncommon 281,000
Big bones Big bones 150–180 (noted) 3 Uncommon 88,050–105,660
Coal Coal 550–700 (noted) 3 Uncommon 134,750–171,500
Adamantite ore Adamantite ore 150–250 (noted) 3 Uncommon 195,900–326,500
Silver ore Silver ore 100 (noted) 4 Rare 9,200
Runite ore Runite ore 100 (noted) 4 Rare 1,108,200
Rune bar Rune bar 1 2 Common 14,165
Rune bar Rune bar 50 (noted) 5 Very rare 708,250
Clean toadflax Clean toadflax 35–45 (noted) 3 Uncommon 119,700–153,900
Clean snapdragon Clean snapdragon 30–35 (noted) 3 Uncommon 107,460–125,370
Clean torstol Clean torstol 16–34 (noted) 3 Uncommon 91,616–194,684
Herb seed 5 Snapdragon seed 1 2 Common 2,533
Herb seed 5 Torstol seed 1 3 Uncommon 21,263
Watermelon seed 5 Watermelon seed 3 3 Uncommon 8,547
Magic seed 5 Magic seed 3–7 4 Rare 535,452–1,249,388
Palm tree seed 5 Palm tree seed 10 4 Rare 1,349,520
Yew logs Yew logs 450–550 (noted) 4 Rare 159,750–195,250
Crystal triskelion fragment 1 Crystal triskelion fragment 1 1 5 Very rare Not sold
Crystal triskelion fragment 2 Crystal triskelion fragment 2 1 5 Very rare Not sold
Crystal triskelion fragment 3 Crystal triskelion fragment 3 1 5 Very rare Not sold
Brawling gloves (Melee) Brawling gloves (Melee) 1 5 Very rare Not sold
Brawling gloves (Magic) Brawling gloves (Magic) 1 5 Very rare Not sold
Brawling gloves (Ranged) Brawling gloves (Ranged) 1 5 Very rare Not sold
Brawling gloves (Agility) Brawling gloves (Agility) 1 5 Very rare Not sold
Brawling gloves (Cooking) Brawling gloves (Cooking) 1 5 Very rare Not sold
Brawling gloves (FM) Brawling gloves (FM) 1 5 Very rare Not sold
Brawling gloves (Fishing) Brawling gloves (Fishing) 1 5 Very rare Not sold
Brawling gloves (Hunter) Brawling gloves (Hunter) 1 5 Very rare Not sold
Brawling gloves (Mining) Brawling gloves (Mining) 1 5 Very rare Not sold
Brawling gloves (Prayer) Brawling gloves (Prayer) 1 5 Very rare Not sold
Brawling gloves (Smithing) Brawling gloves (Smithing) 1 5 Very rare Not sold
Brawling gloves (Thieving) Brawling gloves (Thieving) 1 5 Very rare Not sold
Brawling gloves (WC) Brawling gloves (WC) 1 5 Very rare Not sold

Universal dropsEdit

Universal drops are dropped by nearly every monster outside of Daemonheim.
These drops are dropped alongside main drops.
  Item Quantity Rarity GE market price
Key token Key token 1 4 Rare Not sold


  • On 5 July 2010, green dragons received a graphical update with the release of the Love Story quest.
  • There used to be four different variations of Green dragons; after the above mentioned update, however, there are only three variations of Green dragons.
  • There is a wallpaper called Return of the Wilderness that was available from 26 January 2011 that has the Green dragon featured on the right hand side of it.
  • In the Hallowe'en 2011 event the player had to choose a green dragon to represent Death in statue form.
  • Green dragons are the only chromatic dragons to not have an attackable baby counterpart.


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