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A Greater missile platform is a platform found on the top level of the Runespan and is used to cross between islands. It requires a death rune, a blood rune, and an elemental rune to use, along with level 77 Runecrafting. The elemental rune used will be the most abundant one in the inventory. Using it will consume an amount of Runespan points comparable to the rune used. An air rune will consume 3.8 Runespan points. A water rune will consume 4 Runespan points. An earth rune will consume 4.1 Runespan points. A fire rune will consume 4.2 Runespan points.


Runes will only be consumed when moving between two similarly sized islands, and from a larger island to a smaller one. Moving from a small island to a much larger island consumes no runes, to prevent players from getting stuck on dead end islands.

When using the greater missile platform, the player turns into an Surge spell of the elemental rune used and are send flying to the other side.


  • There was one platform where the death symbol had been replaced with a body symbol. This has been fixed.

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