This article is about the cooked version. For the raw version, see Raw great white shark.
For the pet, see Sayln the Shark.
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Great white shark detail

A great white shark is a food that can be made by cooking a raw great white shark on a fire or cooking range. It requires level 84 Cooking to cook and heals 2100 life points when consumed. They can be caught at the same spots as normal sharks at 80 Fishing 50% of the time.

At level 85 Agility, there is a chance to catch two great white sharks at once and fished bare-handed at a Fishing level of 96, a Strength level of 80, and some completion of Barbarian Training for 90 Strength experience. Great white sharks give 130 Fishing experience per catch and 212 Cooking experience when cooked.

The minimum Constitution level to receive the full amount of healing from this food is 84.

Enter your Constitution level name=skillstat_Constitution_level|type=int|value=1|range=9,99|size=4|sublist=calchealing

let(base,84) let(hp,skillstat_Constitution_level) if(hp < base){




} let(healing,"This will heal " + heal + " life points at level "+hp+".")

Tools/utensils Harpoon
Ingredients Raw great white shark
Cooking level 84
Burn level
Cooking experience 212
Range-only No
Instructions Use a raw great white shark with a fire or a range.
Servings 1


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