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Great gunkan detail

Great gunkan is sushi that is made at level 91 Cooking by combining raw great white shark and kelp for 180 experience. In order to combine the ingredients and make a Great gunkan, one must first unlock the sushi perk in the Aquarium.

When eaten, it heals 1500 life points instantly, and then continues to heal 150 life points per second for 9 seconds, for a total of 2850 life points. This makes the great gunkan the highest healing food outside of Daemonheim with Calorie bomb (rocktail) and Fury sharks (if eaten outside of combat) coming in 3rd and 2nd highest respectively.

A player cannot eat a second great gunkan until the first one's healing effect wears off. Therefore, it is suggested that players use foods like Rocktail soup, Rocktail, or Shark in combination with Great gunkan for optimal healing in situations that need it. Also note that eating another piece of food while a gunkan's healing effect is active will not stop the healing effect in progress.


Great gunkan Great gunkan
Cooking-Make-X GE icon
180 XP-3,215
Cooking Cooking level91
Prawnbroker chathead Unlocked the ability to make sushi from the Prawnbroker.
P2P icon Members onlyYes
Raw great white sharkRaw great white shark11,8351,835
Total price2,759


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