Great Gielinor Run
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Without teleporting or using third party travel methods, run from Camp Tyras to Castle Drakan.
Release date 29 August 2017 (Update)
Members Yes
Category Miscellaneous
RuneScore RuneScore 50

Great Gielinor Run is an achievement that after speaking to Linford at the Tyras Camp to accept the challenge, requires the player to run from the Tyras Camp to Castle Drakan without teleporting or using other methods of travel. Agility shortcuts and the boat from Burgh de Rott Woods to Meiyerditch can be used; however, Temple Trekking shortcuts, the Meiyerditch Laboratories tunnel, and other boats cannot.




To complete the required quests and all their prerequisites, the following stats will be needed.

Total level: 1947
Attack ---- Constitution ---- Mining 50
Strength 50 Agility 63 Smithing 50
Defence 25* Herblore 45 Fishing 53
Ranged ---- Thieving 50 Cooking 53
Prayer 43 Crafting 64 Firemaking ----
Magic 70 Fletching 70 Woodcutting 76
Runecrafting ---- Slayer 67 Farming 63
Construction ---- Hunter ---- Summoning ----
Dungeoneering ---- Divination ---- Invention ----
Attack style icon fixed 51 Quest 136 Music icon fixed ----
Task icon fixed ---- RuneScore -----

* Only if in Black Arm gang

Suggested preparations


Speak with Linford at the Tyras Camp to accept the challenge.
Leave the Tyras Camp by exiting north through the dense forest.
Run south-east and pass through the dense forest to the south.
Step over the tripwire to the south.
Pass through the dense forest to the south-east.
Run around the Tirannwn lodestone to the north-east.
Run north-east to the first leaf trap. Jump leaves.
Run north and pass through dense forest to the west. Do not take the tripwire to the east.
Run north to the second leaf trap. Jump leaves.
Run east through trees towards cave entrance Underground Pass. Do not enter.
Pass north through dense forest just before cave entrance.
Run north-west to log balance and cross over the river.
Step over tripwire to the north.
Run east through trees to the entrance of the Arandar pass.
Follow the path over the Arandar pass. Shortcuts can be used as well.
Go through the big gates and run east.
Cross the first bridge north of East Ardougne.
Go north-east to southern corner of the Ranging Guild.
Go east to Catherby.
Enter the cave east of the farming patches, and run below White Wolf Mountain to the exit in Taverley. This requires completion of Fishing Contest. Alternatively, one can use the grappling hook shortcut from Catherby to Taverley, east of the fruit tree farming patch and then run east to exit Taverley.
Go south-east to the eastern exit of Taverley.
Go all the way east to Varrock, through Barbarian Village.
Go through Varrock to the eastern gate.
Exit through the eastern gate and go north-east to Paterdomus.
Use the Saradomin statue shortcut to cross the river Salve.
Go south, and open the gate to enter Mort Myre Swamp. If the shortcut from Temple Trekking is enabled then a warning will be shown to disable the shortcut before going further, as using this shortcut will disqualify the player for this challenge.
Go all the way south through the Swamp.
Go to Burgh de Rott.
Go south-east to the boat shack.
Use the boat to travel to Meiyerditch.
Jump onto the rocks.
Climb up the rocks.
Go a little bit north-west and climb down the floor.
Climb over the wall rubble.
Go north to house with the Taskmaster icon on the minimap that contains Old Man Ral.
Enter shortcut door in house most north-western from Old Man Ral. The shortcut has a Myreque symbol on the door.
Climb up the shelf.
Crawl under the wall to the east side.
Jump to the floorboards to the east.
Down the ladder.
Open the door to the east.
Exit north and enter shortcut door immediately to east, open door just south and go up ladder.
Climb up shelf on the south side of the room on the outside.
Climb down shelf to the north-east of the room.
Jump to the floorboards to the north.
Jump to floorboards north (again).
Jump to floorboards east - north-east part of the room.
Climb down the ladder.
Open the door and go north and slightly west to a house with a fireplace in it.
Go up the ladder.
Go to the west side of the room and jump the wall to the next building.
Go down the ladder.
Open the door, take one step outside, close the door and go all the way north until a huge wall appears.
Squeeze through the grate shortcut.
Go through Darkmeyer to the entrance of Castle Drakan. Do not enter Vanstrom's Mansion to the south, as you will be disqualified.
Once near the entrance the achievement will be complete.


  • The name of this achievement is probably a reference to the Great North Run, a half marathon event held annually in the north-east of England.
  • There is a glitch which makes using the abilities Surge and Bladed Dive in the same tick, covering a long distance, disqualify you from the challenge.