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Gravite 2h sword
Gravite 2h sword
Release date 12 April 2010 (Update)
Members No
Quest item No
Tradeable No
Equipable Yes
Stackable No
Value 4,000,001 coins
High alch 16,320 coins
Low alch 10,880 coins
Destroy You will need to buy another one from the rewards trader at Daemonheim. Destroying this item will refund 50% of the token price.
Store price 40,000 Dungeoneering tokens
(Rewards trader)
Examine A two-handed sword.
Weight 3.6 kg
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Gravite 2h sword detail

The gravite 2h sword is a two-handed melee weapon released along with the Dungeoneering skill. It requires 55 Attack and 45 Dungeoneering to wield. It can be purchased from the rewards trader for 40,000 Dungeoneering tokens, which would realistically require a Dungeoneering level of 64 to obtain. As with all gravite weapons, it lasts about 10 hours in combat before it needs to be recharged. This weapon is the second strongest free-to-play weapon, behind only the expensive corrupt dragon spear.

Dying with a gravite 2h sword in the Wilderness results in the sword being converted into 24,000 coins, which are dropped.

Combat StatsGravite 2h equipped

A player wielding a Gravite 2h sword.

Skill requirementsDegrades
55 Attack-icon, 45 Dungeoneering-iconYes
Attack Melee2h slot
Constitution-iconLife points0
Strength bonuses
Attack speed
Interval: 3.6 seconds
Attack speed average

Repair costsEdit

When first bought, the weapon is 20% charged. Repair costs come in 1% increments; you can repair them whenever there's at least 1% charge missing.

  • 100% charged (Fully charged) – no cost.
  • 99% charged – 10,000 coins or 1,000 coins and 65 tokens
  • 90% charged – 100,000 coins or 10,000 coins and 650 tokens.
  • 20% charged - 800,000 coins or 80,000 coins and 5200 tokens.
  • 0% charged (No charge) –1,000,000 coins or 100,000 coins and 6,500 tokens.

This translates to a cost of 28 coins or 0.28 coins and 0.182 Dungeoneering tokens per hit.


  • The gravite 2h sword used to cost 90,000 Dungeoneering tokens before the 21 April 2010 update.
  • Before Evolution of Combat, gravite 2h sword was, unusually for this weapon type, a crush-based weapon. It also used to have an attack speed that was one level faster than all other 2h swords.
  • The gravite 2h sword graphically resembles a fractite 2h sword.
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