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Abidor Crank Father Aereck (1)
Abidor old Abidor Crank Aereck old Aereck old
Father Aereck (2) Aggie
Aereck old Father Aereck Aggie old Aggie
Ajjat Akrisae Kolluym
Ajjat old Ajjat Akrisae old Akrisae
Alain (1) Alain (2)
Alain old2 Alain old Alain old Alain old3
Alain (3) Prince Ali (1)
Alain old3 Alain Prince Ali old Prince Ali old2
Prince Ali (2) Prince Ali (3)
Prince Ali old2 Prince Ali Prince Ali Prince Ali Mirza
Ali Morrisane (1) Ali Morrisane (2)
Ali M Old Ali older Ali older Ali morrisane
Ali the Leaflet Dropper Apothecary (1)
Ali old Ali the Leaflet Dropper Apothecary old Apothecary old
Apothecary (2) Archer (Burthorpe)
Apothecary old Apothecary Archer old Burthorpe archer
Gypsy Aris Cap'n Arnav
Gypsy Aris Old Gypsy Aris Arnav old Cap'n Arnav
Arrav old Arrav


Banker (Draynor Village) Banker (Grand Exchange)
Banker2 Banker Draynor Banker Banker (Male, Grand Exchange)
Barfy Bill (1) Barfy Bill (2)
Barfy Bill old Barfy bill old Barfy bill old Barfy Bill
Bettamax Black Knight (NPC)
Bettamax old Bettamax Black Knight (NPC) old Black Knight (NPC)
Elite Black Knight Bob
Elite Black Knight (NPC) old Elite Black Knight (NPC) Boblumby old Bob (smith)
Bonzo Border guard
Bonzo old Bonzo Border guard old Borderguardian
Bowloftrix Boy
Bowloftrix old Bowloftrix Boy old Boy old2
Boy Guardsman Brawn
Boy old2 Harvey Guardsman Brawn old Guardsman Brawn
Breoca Brian O'Richard
Breoca old Breoca Brian old Brian
Survival expert old Survival Expert


Caitlin Candle seller
Caitlin old Caitlin Candle seller old Candle Seller
Ceolburg Sir Ceril Carnillean
Ceolburg old Ceolburg Ceril Carnillean old Ceril Carnillean
Charlie Charlie the Tramp (1)
Charlie old2 Charlie Charlie old Charlie old (2)
Charlie the Tramp (2) Master Chef
Charlie old (2) Charlie the Tramp Master chef old Master Chef
Claus the chef Commander Colby
Claus old Claus chef Colby old Commander Colby
Cook (Lumbridge) Master Crafter
Cook old LumbridgeCookHD Mastercrafter old Master Crafter


Guardsman Dante Lord Daquarius Rennard
Guardsman Dante old Guardsman Dante Lord Daquarius old Daquarius
Dean Vellio Denath (Demon Slayer)
Dean old Dean Vellio (level 80) Denath old Denath (Demon Slayer)
Denulth Guardsman DeShawn
Denulth old Commander Denulth Guardsman DeShawn old Guardsman DeShawn
Dezzick Diango (1)
Dezzick old Tutorial Mining Instructor Diango old Diango old2
Diango (2) Digsite workman
Diango old2 Diango Digsite workman old Digsite workman
Dionysius Doomsayer
WiseOldMany Wise Old Man Doomsayer Old Doomsayer
Drezel Druid
Drezel old Drezel Druid old Druid
Druid Druidess
Druid old2 Druid2 Druidess old Druidess
Dunstan old Dunstan


Eadburg Emerald Benedict
Eadburg old Eadburg Emerald old New Emerald Benedict
Mayor Eustace Hobb (aquatic) Ezekial Lovecraft
Mayor Hobb Sprite transform Mayor Hobb (posessed) Ezekial old Ezekial (Pre SITW)


Master Farmer Financial advisor
Master Farmer Old Masfarm Financial advisor old Financial Advisor
Master fisher Fisherman
Master Fisher Old Master fisher Fisherman old Fisherman1
Fortress guard Fortunato
Fortress guard old Fortress guard Fortunato old Fortunato
Fred the Farmer
Fredf old Fred the Farmer


Gardener Gem trader
Gardener old Gardener Gem trader old Gem trader
Geoffrey Captain Gilroy
Geoffrey old Geoffrey Gilroy old Captain Gilroy
Wizard Grayzag (1) Wizard Grayzag (2)
Grayzag old Grayzag old Grayzag old Wizard Grayzag Voids
Wizard Melville Grayzag (3) Guard (Courthouse)
Wizard Grayzag Voids Wizard Grayzag Guard (Courthouse) old Guard (Courthouse)
Guard in tree Gunthor the Brave
Guard in tree old Guard in tree GunthorTheBrave Chieftain Gunthor


Cap'n Hand Dr Harlow
Captain Hand old Cap'n Hand Harly Dr Harlow
Hassan (1) Hassan (2)
Hassan old Hassan old2 Hassan old2 Hassan
Lady Henryeta Carnillean Hetty
Henryeta old Henryeta Carnillean NPC Hetty2 Old Hetty
Hild General Hining
Hild old Hild General Hining old General Hining
Duke Horacio Hudon
Duke Horacio Old DukeHoracioHD Hudon old Hudon
Human (1) Human (2)
Basekit Man old Man old Player avatar old
Human (3) Human (4)
Player avatar old Player avatar old2 Player avatar old2 Player avatar
Hygd old Hygd


Ilona Wizard Isidor
Ilona old Ilona Isidor old Isidor regular
Ivy Sophista
Ivy Sophista old Ivy Sophista


Grandpa Jack Wizard Jalarast
Grandpa Jack historical Grandpa Jack Jalarast old Wizard Jalarast
Jatix (1) Jatix (2)
Jatix old Jatix old2 Jatix old2 Jatix
Jayene Kliyn Joe (1)
Jayene old Jayene Kliyn Joe Draynor old Joe
Joe (2) Jonny the beard
Joe Mercenary Joe Johnny old JohnnyTheBeard
Captain Jute
Captain Jute old Captain Jute


Kaqemeex (1) Kaqemeex (2)
Kaqemeex old2 Kaqemeex old Kaqemeex old Kaqemeex old3
Kaqemeex (3) Kayle
Kaqemeex old3 Kaqemeex Kayle old Kayle
Lady Keli (1) Lady Keli (2)
Keli old Lady Keli old Lady Keli old Lady Keli
Kolodion's old clothes Kolodion


Lanthus Leela (1)
Lanthus old Lanthus Leela old Leela old2
Leela (2) Lensig
Leela old2 Leela Lensig Dawn (monster)
Lokar Searunner Louie Legs
Lokar Lokar Searunner Louie old Louie
Lucien Lumbridge Guide
Old lucien Lucien disguised Lumbridge guide old Lumbridge Sage
Luthas old Luthas


Martin the Master Gardener Max
Martin the Master Gardener old Martin the Master Gardener Max old Max
Mazchna Mercenary mage
Mazchna old Mazchna Mercenary mage old Mercenary mage (Falador)
Mercenary ranger Mercenary warrior
Mercenary ranger old Mercenary ranger Mercenary warrior old Mercenary warrior
Wizard Mizgog Monkey minder
Mizgog old Wizard Mizgog Minder of Monkeys Old Monkey minder
Morgan Old Morgan


Ned Nemarti
Ned old Ned Nemarti old Rangetutor
Nomad (1) Nomad (2)
Nomad original Nomad old Nomad old Nomad
Nora T. Hagg
Nora T. Hagg old Nora T. Hagg


Ocga Odd old man
Ocga old Ocga Archibald old Odd old man
Professor Oddenstein Orlando Smith
Oddenstein old2 Prof Oddenstein Orlando Smith Orlando smith
Osman Osman (dishevelled)
Osman old Osman Osman (Historical) Osman (wounded)
Sir Owen
Sir Owen old Sir owen


Party Pete Pauline Polaris
Party Pete old Party Pete Pauline Polaris old Pauline Polaris
Guardsman Pazel Guardsman Peale
Guardsman Pazel old Guardsman Pazel Guardsman Peale old Guardsman Peale
Penda Pet shop owner
Penda old Penda Pet shop owner old Pet shop owner (Taverley)
Philipe Carnillean (1) Philipe Carnillean (2)
Philipe old2 Philipe old Philipe old Philipe carnillean NPC
Philop Pikkenmix
Philop old Philop Pikkenmix old Pikkenmix
Pikkupstix old Pikkupstix


Quest guide
Quest guide old Quest Guide


Reese Reldo Trimmly
Reese old Reese Reldo old Reldo
Rick Turpentine Rolayne Twickit
Rick old Rick Turpentine Rolayne old Rolayne Twickit
Captain Rovin Roachey
Rovin old CaptainRovin Roachey Old Roachey


Safalaan Hallow Sam
Safalaan old Safalaan Sam (4 July) (old) Sam (Independence Day Celebration)
Sanfew (1) Sanfew (2)
Sanfew old2 Sanfew old Sanfew old Sanfew old3
Sanfew (3) Santa Claus (1)
Sanfew old3 Sanfew Santa Santa old
Santa Claus (2) Saradomin
Santa old Santa Claus Saradomin (Sixth Age) old Saradomin (Sixth Age)
Sarius Guile Scalectrix
Sarius old Sarius Guile Scalectrix old Scalectrix
Miss Schism Archmage Sedridor
Schism old Miss Schism Sedridor old Sedridor
Lady Servil Seth Groats
Lady Servil old Ladyservil Seth Groats old Seth Groats
Shantay (1) Shantay (2)
Shantay old2 Shantay old Shantay old Shantay
Shilop Shopkeeper (Lumbridge) (1)
Shilop old Shilop Lshopkeeperold1 Lshopkeeperold2
Shopkeeper (Lumbridge) (2) Silif (disguised)
Lshopkeeperold2 Shop keeper Silif (disguised) old Silif (disguised)
Silk trader Sin Seer
Silk trader old Silk trader Sin Seer old Sin Seer
Smiddi Ryak Stikklebrix
Smiddi Ryak old Smiddi Ryak Stikklebrix old Dead body


Wizard Taloram Tegid (1)
Taloram old Wizard Taloram Tegid old Tegid old2
Tegid (2) Terrova
Tegid old2 Tegid Terrova less older Terrova
Thaerisk Cemphier (2)
Thaerisk Cemphier old Thaerisk Cemphier
Wizard Traiborn (1) Wizard Traiborn (2)
Traiborn old Wizard Traiborn old Wizard Traiborn old Traiborn
Turael old Turael


Sir Vant Veliaf Hurtz
Sir Vant old Sir Vant Veliaf Hurtz old Veliaf Hurtz
Vic the trader
Vic the trader old Vic the trader


Wilough Wyson the gardener
Wilough old Wilough Wyson old Wyson the Gardener


Xenia old Xenia


Zanaris choir Zeke
Thezanarischoir New Zanaris choir Zek Zeke

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