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Grapevine seed detail

A grapevine seed is a level 95 Farming seed from which god grapes can be grown on a wooden frame in a hops patch. It can be protected by paying a farmer 15 krandorian hops, though this is inadvisable because the seeds rarely die and the hops are difficult to obtain. The patch will need a frame to grow the vines which can be done with 5 planks. The seeds may be obtained by pickpocketing gnomes, elves, and Dwarf Traders, by hunting jadinkos, or by killing tormented demons and Vorago.

Steps for farming:

  1. Treat patch with compost or supercompost (cannot be done after the frame is added, unless the Fertile Soil spell is used).
  2. Create the frame (use five planks on the hops patch).
  3. Plant 4 grapevine seeds.
  4. Optionally check the patch regularly to prevent deaths or pay the nearby farmers 15 krandorian hops.
  5. Harvest the yield, which will be a mix of Grapes of Saradomin, Grapes of Guthix and Grapes of Zamorak.

Yield follows the same pattern each time: 3 Zamorak, 1 Guthix, 1 Saradomin, 1 Zamorak, 1 Guthix, 1 Saradomin, 2 random. The random grapes appear to have an equal chance of being any of the types. Thus, the expected grapes per patch is 4⅔ Grapes of Zamorak, 2⅔ Grapes of Guthix and 2⅔ Grapes of Saradomin, for 10 total. The greenfingers aura works on hops, so if you have it activated, it is possible to get more than 10 Grapes per patch - the extra grapes given are the same type as the ones that triggered the greenfingers effect.

Assuming that the patch is treated with super compost, the frame is built with normal planks, and the plant successfully grows, the minimum profit is 24,755 (excluding the random grapes). The expected profit (including the random grapes) is 42,403.

The Modified farmer's hat's seed-saving passive will only save one of the four seeds when it activates.

Healthy grapevine
Stage Description Image
1 Grapevine 1
2 Grapevine 2
3 Grapevine 3
4 Grapevine 4
5 Grapevine 5


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Dropping MonstersEdit

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Source Combat level Quantity Rarity
Gnome (monster)60; 62; 641Rare
Gnome child11Rare
Gnome woman421Rare
Tormented demon1193Uncommon

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