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Grand seed pod detail

The Grand seed pod is obtained from the Gnome Restaurant minigame. Seed pods are stackable. They can take you to the Grand Tree, and have two right-click options: launch and squash. Launching the seed pod will take you to the Grand Tree, by means of Captain Lamdoo and a glider, but can only be used outdoors. This option will also give the player 100 Farming experience. Squashing the seed will take you to the Grand Tree faster than Launching it, but you will not get the 100 Farming experience, and you will temporarily lose 5 Farming levels.

After an update both launching and squashing the grand seed pod can only be used at level 30 wilderness or lower. Previously, the launching teleport method worked up to level 40 Wilderness.

With the update to the minigame on 1 February 2010, this item has become a more common reward. This item used to be rewarded in bunches of 5. Since the update, they come in stacks of 7-10.



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