Grand Library (Menaphos)

The huge library.

Grand Library of Menaphos wall

One of the library's many walls.

Menaphos grand library location

The entrance to the library.

The Grand Library of Menaphos is located underneath the Golden Palace in the Imperial district of Menaphos. The entrance to it can be found just south of the entrance to the Golden Palace itself. The library is divided into four levels, the top floor, the second level, the third level, and the bottom level.

A sundial is located in the centre of the library on the lowest level, used for completing the Golden Path Challenge. There are bookshelves scattered around the the library.

A competition was held for players to write their own stories which has been added in game after the initial update on 3 July 2017.

It is maintained by Kohnen the librarian. During and after Our Man in the North, Aristarchus can also be found inside the library near the entrance, opposite of Kohnen.


Name Location within the Library
Bookcase from corner Wall Closest corner Level
Aragnya's Tale Third Southern South-eastern Bottom
Architect's Journal Sixth Southern South-western Top
The Courtship of Elidinis Third Northern North-western Second
The Diary of Dawnsu First Northern North-western Top
Embalmer's Log Second Eastern South-eastern Second
File Under: Low Priority First Northern North-eastern Bottom
From Nardah, With Love Second Eastern North-eastern Bottom
A Guide to Perfect Tea Third Western North-western Top
Klenter's Big Book of Rhymes First Western North-western Bottom
Poetic Mena Third (central) Western Both corners Bottom
The Priestess First
(directly west of the top floor stairs)
Southern South-western Second
The Red Devil First
(directly north of the second level stairs)
Western North-western Third
Saa Akila's Journal Second Western South-western Top
The Story of Phodopis First
(directly south of the second level stairs)
Eastern South-eastern Third
Tefnut, Disciple of Amascut Second
(directly north of Kohnen the librarian)
Eastern North-eastern Top
To Err is Divine First Eastern South-eastern Third
Tumeken and the Wind First Eastern North-eastern Second
Ullek Woodworker Transcript First Western South-western Second
The Unforgiving Desert First Western North-western Third
The Unnumbered Faithful Second Southern South-western Third

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