Gram Kobold was a Menaphite mercenary who fought in the Kharidian-Zarosian War in the Second Age. When the Zarosians were on the winning hand, Gram contemplated mutiny, but he changed his mind when he witnessed Icthlarin and his Mahjarrat posse arrive to the battlefield through a "yawning rift" from Freneskae.[1] With the Mahjarrat's aid, who became known as the 'Stern Judges', the Menaphite Pantheon began to drive back the armies of Zaros.[2]

Gram became particularly interested in Sliske, who moved along the battlefield partially through the Shadow Realm,[3] creating wights from the Zarosian soldiers as he went along.[4] Gram decided to follow Sliske but was cornered by a Zarosian scout. When he was about to die, Sliske vanquished the scout, grinned at Gram before disappearing with a chuckle.[5]


  1. ^ Gram Kobold, "The Book of Sliske", RuneScape. "We were blinded momentarily by a burning light... A figure held the portal open, the head of a jackal atop its shoulders. Icthlarin had returned, and he had brought reinforcements."
  2. ^ Gram Kobold, "The Book of Sliske", RuneScape. "It was a turning point in the Kharidian-Zarosian war."
  3. ^ Gram Kobold, "The Book of Sliske", RuneScape. "Sliske materialised in a group of enemies. He did not seem to favour his blade; instead, he placed a hand on their armour, and both he and the enemy disappeared."
  4. ^ Gram Kobold, "The Book of Sliske", RuneScape. "He built an entourage of spectral wights - shimmering with blacks and purples -as if the warriors he took in battle were returning to serve him."
  5. ^ Gram Kobold, "The Book of Sliske", RuneScape. "[I] found myself on my back with a blade at my throat, staring into the wild eyes of a Zarosian scout. Fear washed over me as I heard steel slicing through flesh... The body was tossed aside like a doll, and his face peered down at me instead... My eyes locked with Sliske's as he put his finger to his lips."

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