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Grüfeld Bach was significantly altered after an update. This article is retained to provide information on past elements of RuneScape. SidneySmith

This article is about the character in Demon Slayer prior to August 4th, 2014. For his current revision, see Gideon Bede

Grüfeld Bach
Gideon Bede
Release date 28 January 2013 (Update)
Combat level 8
Race Human
Members only No
Quest NPC Demon Slayer
Location Varrock Chapel
Sells items No
Gender Male
Examine Has a holy aura about him.
Gideon Bede location
Gideon Bede chathead

Grüfeld Bach is a Saradominist priest and the main character in the Demon Slayer quest. He is the descendant of a long line of demon slayers, including Wally, who banished Delrith in 19 of the Fifth Age. Currently, Grüfeld is a member of a group, along with Father Badden and Father Reen, who are tracking down a most notorious nemesis called Denath.[1]

During the Demon Slayer quest, he asks the player to retrieve Silverlight from a crypt under the Varrock Chapel as well as help him track down the finally located Denath, who is intent on summoning the demon Delrith to destroy Varrock.

He is also well trained in either magical barriers or prayer as he is able to conjure up a shield that can reduce the magical damage from Delrith. However, the barrier requires significant effort and he is unable to sustain it for long periods of time or use it repeatedly, and thus needs time for the barrier to recharge.



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