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This is the quick guide for Gower Quest.
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Start pointQuest map icon
Gower Quest icon
Speak to the Gower brothers at the Gower farm, south-east of the Varrock lodestone.
Member requirementF2P icon Free to play
Official difficultyExperienced Experienced
LengthLong (~2 hours)
Quest Quests:
Items requiredItems from the tool belt are not listed unless they do not work or are not automatically added.
  • None
  • Food and combat gear for the final battle
Enemies to defeat

Gower's FarmEdit

  • Speak to the Gowers south-east of the Varrock lodestone. (Chat 1)
  • Search the Crate in the room to the west.
  • Search the Water barrel in the west side of south entrance.
  • Search the Scarecrow in the south-west part of the farm.
  • Search the Food trough on the east side of the farm.
  • Use the Broccoli Root on the Spinning Wheel in the main room.
  • Use the Brussels sprout on the Cruciferous mounting.
  • Flip the essence before combining everything into a cabbagespeak amulet.
  • Equip the amulet and talk to Crispy the Cabbage south-west on the cabbage field.
  • Talk to the brothers. (Chat ~)
  • Speak to the Cabbages again.
  • Speak to Andrew.
  • Speak to Crispy the Cabbage again.
  • Speak to Andrew again.

Black Hole ExperienceEdit

Items recommended: Armour, weapon, and food (Note: keep 6-7 free spaces)
  • Go to Dwarven Mines (entrance north-east of Falador lodestone).
  • Go to the passage south-west of the pickaxe shop.
  • Use the disk of returning.
This room is intentionally black, move your cursor around to find hidden objects.
  • Search the Table for a rock.
  • Use the Rock on wall to the left.
  • Look under the Table for an orange.
  • Eat the Orange for a key.
  • Use the Small key on the Bumpy Wall on the right for a tinderbox.
  • Use the Tinderbox on the Scary wispy thing and take the skull.
  • Use the skull on the Unusual Shape.
  • Enter The Gate of Lloigh-enn.

The Gate of Lloigh-ennEdit

  • Talk to Thordur. (Chat ~2)


  • Talk to Spiral Orb. (The purple spider DJ in the middle) (Chat 1)
  • Look around in this area for 3 NPCs:


  • Talk to Lucien. (north-west of spiral orb right next to central bank portal) (Chat 2)
  • Go through the Central Bank Portal.
  • Talk to Claire Hick.
  • Talk to Ernie.
  • Check out the Locked Vault Door.
  • Leave the area.
  • Talk to Sphenishchev (penguin next to Beastmaster Durzag south of the bank portal). (Chat 2)
  • Talk to Tim or Crunchy, just south-west of Spiral Orb. (Chat 3)
  • Ask the bartender for 5 cups of tea and hand them out to all 5 Environment artists around the bar.
  • Return to Tim. (Chat 1)
  • Talk to Romeo, southeast of Beastmaster Durzag. (Chat 22)
  • Talk to each God Wars Boss. (Commander Zilyana, K'ril Tsutsaroth, General Graardoor, Kree'arra, Nex)
  • Return to Romeo. (Chat 1)
  • Talk to Guthix, south of the bar. (Chat 2)
  • Talk to one of the cabbages on the north-side of the bar.
  • Return to Guthix. (Chat 1)
  • Enter the Central Bank Portal
  • Talk to Claire Hick.
  • Talk to Ernie. (Chat 1)
  • Check out Vault door and enter it
  • Open Bank Safety Box and search it for a fragment.
  • Leave the area.


  • Talk to Chaos Elemental, north of the Grand Exchange Maintenance. (Chat 22)
  • Enter the Grand Exchange Maintenance Portal
  • Repair the plumbing works (there are 3 different thickness pipes, each size must fit each other from the beginning to the end, the interface will close when it's correct)


  • Talk to Thok, just north-west of Clawdia. (Chat 2)
  • Enter Beta room portal and talk with Max about the new skills. (Chat ~2)
  • Max all 3 skills.
    • First room: You get options to rock, trot, gallop, turn. Just click on the action displayed on top of the screen.
    • Second room: Walk on the pool to "explore" areas and find chests by clicking on the bubbles.
    • Third room: Camp on the white floor tiles to level up.
  • Talk to Max for the third fragment.

Repairing the Life AltarEdit

  • Enter the Life Altar Portal. (South of Beta Room Portal)
  • Investigate Life altar.
  • Speak with the Black Knight Titan. (Chat 4)
  • Kill it 6 times until it stops re-spawning.
  • Talk to any of the brothers.
  • Quest complete!

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