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Gorgonite equipment (Tier 9) is the second strongest smithable melee equipment and third strongest melee equipment found while Dungeoneering. Gorgonite armour requires level 80 defence to wear. The weapons require level 80 attack to wield, while level 80 strength is needed for the Gorgonite Maul.

The only monsters that drop Gorgonite are Forgotten warriors (level 97-100), and specific Hobgoblins, Animated pickaxes, Brutes and Zombies and level 84 Forgotten rangers. Bosses can also have a chance to drop a Gorgonite item upon defeating.

80 Smithing is required to make anything from gorgonite, and 89 Smithing is required to make the full set of gorgonite.

Gorgonite weaponsEdit

Gorgonite dagger Gorgonite dagger
Gorgonite warhammer Gorgonite warhammer
Gorgonite rapier Gorgonite rapier
Gorgonite longsword Gorgonite longsword
Gorgonite battleaxe Gorgonite battleaxe
Gorgonite spear Gorgonite spear
Gorgonite maul Gorgonite maul
Gorgonite 2h sword Gorgonite two-handed sword
Gorgonite arrows 1 Gorgonite arrows

Gorgonite armourEdit

Gorgonite plate armour set (lg) (male) equipped
Gorgonite full helm Gorgonite full helm
Gorgonite platebody Gorgonite platebody
Gorgonite chainbody Gorgonite chainbody
Gorgonite platelegs Gorgonite platelegs
Gorgonite plateskirt Gorgonite plateskirt
Gorgonite gauntlets Gorgonite gauntlets
Gorgonite kiteshield Gorgonite kiteshield
Gorgonite boots Gorgonite boots


Gorgonite arrowheads 4 Gorgonite arrowheads
Gorgonite hatchet Gorgonite hatchet
Gorgonite pickaxe Gorgonite pickaxe

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  • The name Gorgonite may be derived from the Gorgon species from Greek Mythology, or from the 1998 film Small Soldiers.

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