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Goliath gloves detail

Goliath gloves are a set of degradable gloves that can be obtained in the Dominion Tower.

While wearing these gloves, each auto-attack or Basic ability has a 5% chance of dealing 25% more damage, binding the target and lowering its Attack, Strength, Ranged, and Defence. They also reduce incoming damage by 1–5%, with a 5% chance of reducing by 25%–50% instead.

When unarmed (main-/off-hand weapon or shield), they act as a tier 75 fastest speed two-handed weapon, providing 1694 accuracy and 1080 damage. However, they do not provide access to abilities due to being unarmed. Because of this, it is recommended that the gloves be used without a weapon only in Legacy Mode.

They require 80 Attack and Defence to wield. Since players must be at least combat level 110 and have completed at least 20 quests involving Dominion Tower boss monsters, these are effectively additional requirements for the gloves.


Total level: 1458
Attack-icon 75 Constitution-icon - Mining-icon 66
Strength-icon 75 Agility-icon 61 Smithing-icon 65
Defence-icon 65 Herblore-icon 65 Fishing-icon 62
Ranged-icon 64 Thieving-icon 70 Cooking-icon 70
Prayer-icon 70 Crafting-icon 68 Firemaking-icon 52
Magic-icon 75 Fletching-icon 60 Woodcutting-icon 55
Runecrafting-icon 50 Slayer-icon 65 Farming-icon 65
Construction-icon 64 Hunter-icon 65 Summoning-icon 41
Dungeoneering-icon - Divination-icon ---- Invention-icon ----
Attack style icon fixed 110 Quest icon fixed 275 Task icon fixed 30
Music icon fixed ----

To unlock the option to receive Goliath gloves as a reward item from the Strange face, players must meet a number of requirements:

  • Defeat a total of 500 bosses in either Climber or Endurance matches. The victories do not have to be consecutive.
  • Defeat the following bosses in the Tower at least once:
Boss Quest
Nomad* Nomad's Requiem
Ayuni, Leeuni, and Eruni Do No Evil
Two Dagannoth Sentinels Blood Runs Deep
The Untouchable Dream Mentor
Balance Elemental While Guthix Sleeps
Ice Demon Temple at Senntisten

*Defeating both Nomads in the "No More Nomad... No More!" special fight counts toward this requirement, although defeating only one does not.

The skill levels required to complete the above quests are detailed in the box to the right. These effectively function as additional requirements to obtain and use Goliath gloves.

While a pair of Goliath gloves cannot be repaired, it is possible to obtain multiple pairs from the strange face by killing another 25 bosses in either Climber or Endurance matches; this earns an invisible "reward credit" that can be exchanged for a pair of Goliath gloves, Spellcaster gloves, Swift gloves, or 500 dreadnips. The strange face stores up to 15 such "credits", after which they must be redeemed in order to earn more.


  • Goliath gloves never stack in the bank, even if multiple pairs are the same colour and in the same state of degradation.
  • Prior to 3 November 2011, Goliath gloves were unobtainable due to a bug that prevented Nomad from appearing in Climber or Endurance modes. The same patch that fixed this bug also allowed players to complete the "No More Nomad... No More!" special battle and have it count as the Nomad requirement for unlocking the gloves.
  • Prior to the full release of the Evolution of Combat, Goliath gloves had a Defence requirement of 80. Due to the current combat level formula and Dominion Tower requirements however, they can now be obtained with a Defence level as low as 65.
  • Prior to the Evolution of Combat, these gloves functioned as a crush weapon with stats and speed similar to an Abyssal whip. To use them as such, one had to un-equip any weapon they were holding and equip these in the gloves slot. At some point during the beta of the EoC, they were a two-handed crushing weapon with stats similar to a Chaotic maul. At this point, the gloves actually went in the weapon slot, and gloves could be worn underneath, but were not visible.
  • After the release of the Evolution of Combat, Goliath gloves no longer functioned as a crush weapon (they were gloves with a passive effect, which reflected some of the ranged damage the wearer took). On 3 November 2014 this change was reversed.
  • Prior to the update on 3 November 2014, only 5 boss kills were required to claim a pair of dominion gloves or a set of 100 dreadnips.

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