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Golden rocktail eggs detail

Golden rocktail eggs are a reward from fishing rocktail, used in the Aquarium of a player-owned house. They can be found in two ways:

  • As a rare reward from fishing rocktail (level 90 Fishing required) -- approximately 3 hours on average to get the egg.
  • From the golden mystery egg, which gives you a random fish egg you do not already have, with no Fishing requirement. Golden mystery eggs can be obtained from prawn balls (1/200 chance), as a 100% reward from using a golden prawn cracker (or having it used on you), and as a possible reward from the Motherlode maw. One golden mystery egg is also the tier 2 prawn perks reward from the Prawnbroker.

The eggs can be used on the bathysphere in your aquarium to put a rocktail inside the fish tank. Putting it in the tank will unlock one prawn perk, which can be spent at the Prawnbroker.