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Golden rock (Dungeoneering) detail

Golden rocks obtained by training Dungeoneering are part of the Statue of Rhiannon. 2 are required each to complete the statue each time that it is built. Golden rocks may be stored inside a statue collection bag.


Golden rocks can be obtained by completing dungeons in Daemonheim. Rocks are awarded at the end-of-floor interface. The amount of experience rewarded does not affect the chance of obtaining a rock, so it's advisable to complete small, complexity 4 floors with a friend for quick rocks (complexity 1 has more key doors, making it more maze-like, and more guard doors, both of which take longer than skill doors found on complexity 2-4).

Golden rocks can also be obtained by completing Sinkholes; they are awarded at the end of the current Sinkhole after the lamps have been allocated.