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  • Baby golden chinchompa: Hello there!
  • Player: Hello! Wait, how come you can talk?
  • Baby golden chinchompa: I'm magical. I can do what I like!
  • Player: Well, can you give me a million gold?
  • Baby golden chinchompa: Maybe not a million...but close!
  • Player: Really?
  • Baby golden chinchompa: Yes! Just keep feeding me and I'll magically create some gold for you!
  • Baby golden chinchompa: The better the food you get me, the faster I'll grow up and the more gold I can get for you!
  • Player: That is pretty magical.
  • Baby golden chinchompa: It's not a fire blast, but it works!


  • Player: : How are you feeling?
  • Young golden chinchompa:  A little... gassy, but otherwise great.
  • Player: : Are you sure I should still be feeding you?
  • Young golden chinchompa: : Oh yes, I'm still pretty hungry after all.
  • Player: : Ok, that's fine then!


  • Adult golden chinchompa: : Urgh...
  • Player: : Are you alright?
  • Adult golden chinchompa: : Oh I'm fine... Just nearly full to bursting.
  • Player: You mean explode?
  • Adult golden chinchompa: : That's right! Although, being magic, I'll leave behind lots of gold for you. Just keep feeding me and I'll soon transform into a beautiful chinchompafly!
  • Player: : Uh... That's not what happens when a chinchompa explodes.
  • Adult golden chinchompa: : Well since you are not a magic chinchompa you can't really claim to be an expert. Sure it might look like I am exploding, but I know I'm really going to change into a beautiful, non-volatile chinchompafly.
  • Player: : Well, if you are sure then...

Solomon's StoreEdit

Conversation 1Edit

  • Golden Chinchompa: : What would you do if I died?
  • Player: : Duck. Then check the crater for loot.
  • Golden Chinchompa: : You can't say things like that!

Conversation 2Edit

  • Golden Chinchompa: : Boobity bibbly-boop boop!
  • Player: : Oh no! I've lost my ability to understand you!
  • Golden Chinchompa: : What are you talking about; I can still understand you fine.
  • Player: : Then why were you making weird chinchompa noises just now?
  • Golden Chinchompa: : Those weren't weird chinchompa noises; that was some freestyle jazz!
  • Player: : Do chinchompas like jazz then?
  • Golden Chinchompa: : Well I do. Some of the others prefer skiffle.

Conversation 3Edit

  • Player: : So is there anything I can feed you to make gold come out?
  • Golden Chinchompa: : I don't know. While on the same subject is there anywhere I can kick you that will make all your blood come out?
  • Player: : Technically there is.
  • Golden Chinchompa: : Really?
  • Player: : Yes; I'm just not going to tell you where.

Conversation 4Edit

  • Player: : Are you feeling all right?
  • Golden Chinchompa: : Yes, why do you ask?
  • Player: : Well, you know. The whole 'exploding' thing.
  • Golden Chinchompa: : Oh that. Don't worry, I lost my explosion gland in a fishing accident.
  • Player: : Is there such a thing as an explosion gland?
  • Golden Chinchompa: : Not for me, sadly.

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