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The Golden Gnome Awards are an annual major Oscar-like award competition held by Jagex, that occurs every RuneFest. It has multiple categories, including videos, livestreaming, art, and cosplay. As of 2017, there have been seven Golden Gnome Awards held. One in 2010, 2011, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017.

In the first two events, Party Pete hosted the award ceremonies, and a selection of well known Jagex Moderators including Mark Gerhard and Paul Gower. In 2013, it was hosted by Mod Mark and Mod Paul M. In 2015, it was hosted by Mod Balance. In 2016 and 2017, several JMods hosted the event announcing the categories and winners.

The rewards include a real-life gnome, an in-game Golden gnome and a Golden gnome hat.


Jagex moderators voted and chose the 2017 winners. The categories and winners were:

Category Nomination Winner
Video Video of the Year SirPugger [2017 1]
Best New Video Maker C Engineer
Best RuneScape Video Maker FatNooblet
Best Old School Video Maker GunsChilli
Streaming Best New Streamer Manked
Best RuneScape Streamer RuneScapeOmid
Best Old School Streamer Faux
Art Best Artistic Creation Maximus Gugu [2017 2]
Best Artist AngelsScapes
Cosplay Most Creative Cosplay Plushie Tum [2017 3]
Best Cosplay Dewydd [2017 4]
Community Community Champion Mr Mammal
Lifetime Achievement Woox
  1. ^ Pretending to be a girl in RuneScape
  2. ^ RuneScape pop-up book
  3. ^ Terrorbird mount cosplay
  4. ^ Wizard Chambers cosplay


Streaming awards were decided by player vote, and the majority of the rest were decided by JMods. The categories and winners for the 2016 Golden Gnome Awards were:

Category Nomination Winner
RuneScape Best RuneScape Video Maker Will Miss It
Best RuneScape Video Tehnoobshow
Best RuneScape Streamer Rsgloryandgold
Best RuneScape Streaming Moment TheThorRs
Old School RuneScape Best Old School Video Maker A Friend
Best Old School Video Mr Bug
Best Old School Streamer B0aty
Best Old School Streaming Moment Mmorpgrs
Community Best Artist Prezleek
Best Artistic Creation Dojo Buster [2016 1]
Best Cosplay - player selected Teezkut
Best Cosplay - JMod selected Sen
Community Champion B0aty
RS3 Hall of Fame Le me
OSRS Hall of Fame Woox
Lifetime Achievement Everyone - SpecialEffect [2016 2]
  1. ^ Zaros drawing
  2. ^ This Golden Gnome can be found in-game in the Legends' Guild's garden.


Again, the majority of the award winners were picked by JMods, and the audience also picked the winners of the cosplay categories. The categories and winners for the 2015 Golden Gnomes were:

Category Nomination Winner
Art Best Artwork Legend Arts [2015 1]
Best Comic Prezleek [2015 2]
Best Real-Life Creation Iron Medi [2015 3]
Best Female Cosplay Zilyana cosplay
Best Male Cosplay Teezkut
Live-Stream Most RuneScape Entertaining Moment JimSauce [2015 4]
Most Old School Entertaining Moment Skill Specs [2015 5]
Best RuneScape Streamer JimSauce
Best Old School Streamer B0aty
Video Best RuneScape Video Guide TheCompleteRS [2015 6]
Best Old School Video Guide Mr Mammal [2015 7]
Best RuneScape Original Content Will Miss It [2015 8]
Best Old School Original Content Egg Beard [2015 9]
Best RuneScape Video Maker Will Miss It
Best Old School Video Maker M0te pl0x
Special Categories Community Champion Pur
Hall of Fame
  • Rank 2: Forsberg888
  • OSRS rank 1: Lynx Titan
  • Rank 1 Hardcore Ironman: LoveDrunk
  • OSRS Rank 1 Ironman: Lezley
Unsung Hero Jagex's IT operations team
Special Recognition RajjPatel
Lifetime Achievement Andrew and Paul Gower
  1. ^ New Domina Fenale
  2. ^ Proper Use of Overloads
  3. ^ Frozen Prison
  4. ^ Sara Pet Reaction
  5. ^ 73 Fight
  6. ^ CompleteQBD
  7. ^ KBD Guide
  8. ^ Thrones of Gielinor
  9. ^ Troll Splashing


In 2014, 22 gnomes were given out in total across wide array of categories. Awards were given out for:

The majority of the award winners were picked by JMods, with three of the awards given for activities held during the day, and the audience picking the winners of the cosplay categories.

A few new categories were introduced this year for live-streaming, and the Community Champion.

Category Nomination Winner
Art Digital Art Award Xara
Hand Drawn Art Award Ismonia
Sculpture/Plushie Award Medi Lord
Elf Model Award Bond 007
Best Female Cosplay Sen
Best Male Cosplay Teezkut
Photo Cosplay Award NZD
Live-Stream Most Entertaining Moment Skill Specs
Most Original Content IronNoBank
Best Live Stream Series B0aty
Queen Black Dragon Speed Kill P_at_rick
Old School Corporeal Beast Solo Challenge L_Icy_L
Video Best Video Guide Munclesonkey
Best Machinima Video Skyzah
Best Live-Action Video Geese Go Moo
Best Video Series Will Miss It
Wish you were in RuneScape Realscaperz
Special Community Champion Princess Rae
Hall of Fame Drumgun
Lifetime Achievement B0aty

Former CEO of Jagex Mod MMG was also given a special Golden Gnome Award for his contributions to the game over the years and Mod Campbell was given one for eating a whole chocolate cake with his hands tied behind his back.


In 2013 there were 15 gnomes handed out. The categories were as follows. Most winners were decided by Jagex, with the exception of the cosplay categories, which were decided by audience cheering.

Category Winner
Best YouTube Channel Will Miss It
Best Art BornToDesign
Top Ranking Zamorakian & Saradominist
  • Saradominist: Sgt Tilley
  • Zamorakian: Awww
Best Livestream Bonesaw
Top Ranking Player Jake
Best Live Action Nozfrateu
Top Ranking Clan Maxed
Funniest Video Realscaperz
Machinima one-to-watch Zarakye
Best Guide A Friend
Lifetime Achievement Zezima
Best Female Cosplay Demolitione
Best Male Cosplay Rodeo wn


For the 2011 awards there were 6 categories, as follows. Two nominees were chosen by Jagex for each category with the exception of Best Video 2011, where three nominees were chosen. The winner was determined at RuneFest via voters in the audience, while the winner for Best Video Overall was determined by votes from the entire playerbase.

Category Winner
Best Use of Effects Nozferatu
Best Use of Sound Dale of Hope
Funniest Video BumBum007
Best Story Telling Prezleek
Best Voice Acting Evil Yakuza
Best Animation Jeffrey Son
Best Video 2011 BumBum007


For the 2010 awards, entrants had a choice of 3 styles of video entries, which were Machinima, Live action or Animation, and for each of the styles, they could choose either the short story or RSMV (RuneScape Music Video) categories. For each of the categories, 2 entries were selected as finalists. The winners were as followed:

Category Winner
Best Machinima short story (YouTube link) Robz
Best Machinima RSMV (YouTube link) Neon Slay
Best live action short story (YouTube link) 1carrot - Odd One Out
Best live action RSMV (YouTube link) KKComics
Best animation short story (YouTube link) Mino-Tauros
Best animation RSMV (YouTube link) Josh1391


  • A Big Ticket - an all expenses paid trip to the UK to visit Jagex Games studio (2010 only)
  • RuneScape merchandise (2010/2011 only)
  • RuneScape membership (2010/2011 Lifetime, 2013 had 3 months, 2014 1 year, 2017 1 year)
  • A real life Golden Gnome award.
  • In-game Golden Gnome pet
  • In-game Golden gnome hat



  • In 2013, player S U O M I achieved rank 1 overall before the Gnome ceremony, but because of the time the winners were decided, Jake won this prize.
  • If a player wins two or more categories, they will only be able to have one in-game.


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