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This article is about the free and permanent pet. For the original incarnation of the chinchompa, see Golden chinchompa (Squeal of Fortune).
"Jane" redirects here. For the holiday NPC, see Jane (turkey).
Golden Chinchompa Solomon icon
Adult golden chinchompa chathead

The Golden chinchompa is a pet that was originally released as a Squeal of Fortune promotion. It was brought back on 2 October 2013 as a permanent pet that is free to all members or 80 Runecoins for non members.


The chinchompa can be named one of the following by opening the Hero tab, and selecting Pet:

Boomer Stan Fluffy Tiddles Sparks
Jane Flopsy Peter Nuke Kibbles
Daisy Jack Timmy Ruth Penny
Woobie Squishy Widget Snookums Chloe



  • Using thaumic chronometers, curried lard nuggets, dried chillies, or pure caffeine on a golden chinchompa provokes the text "Nothing interesting happens."
  • Players other than the owner could interact with the Golden Chinchompa, resulting in the pet and the interacting player having a conversation. This feature was removed on 22 October.
  • After the chinchompa was re-released, upon asking if it felt all right, the chinchompa will say that it lost the "explosive gland" in a fishing accident. Before the re-release, the chinchompa would deny feeling ill when asked this.

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