Golden Apple Tree

The Golden tree

The golden tree is a tree south east of Rellekka south of the entrance to Keldagrim, marked on the world map. It is gold in colour, with golden sheep underneath it, and is closed off to entry and is owned by the troll Lalli. In the Fremennik Trials quest, you must get a golden fleece to make the lyre. You need to exchange him some rock soup in order to obtain one. Apart from this, the tree has no real use. Players who have started A Fairy Tale Part II can quickly access this location by entering the code AJR. The Fremennik Province lodestone can be used as an alternative, or a slayer ring which teleports to the same location as the fairy ring. The tree's examine text is "Those golden fruit look good enough to eat!"


  • The Golden Fleece may refer to the mythological fleece from Greek mythology which made all the land around it flourish.
  • The Golden Apples may be a reference to Norse mythology where the Golden Apples gave the Norse Gods their immortal youth.
  • It was possible for an enriched sparkling wisp to spawn inside the golden tree's enclosure, preventing players from harvesting it. This was fixed on 4 February 2014.

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