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Gold amulet (unstrung) detail

An unstrung gold amulet (in-game: Gold amulet) is a gold amulet without a string (spun ball of wool) attached to it. It is made by using a gold bar on a furnace while having an amulet mould in the inventory or the tool belt.

Level 8 Crafting is required to make one, and crafting this item grants 30 experience. Stringing this item gives 4 experience.

This amulet gives the most experience per gold bar without the use of gems. This is the only amulet which cannot be enchanted, even when strung.

These are sometimes hard to buy on the Grand Exchange. The majority are produced by players who buy gold bars for cheap and craft them for experience. Profit is made because the amulet costs more than a gold bar. Members try to buy them for the String Jewellery Spell in order to train magic.

Crafting these is less monetarily profitable than gold bracelets, which sell for more at the same expense.


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