Going Like Clockwork
Going Like Clockwork
Release date 13 November 2017 (Update)
Reward Mystery boxes and more
Head developer Unknown edit
Preceded by Gielinorian Giving II
Succeeded by N/A

Going Like Clockwork is a time-limited event which is active from 13 to 26 November 2017. Santa has gone on annual leave to prepare himself for the festive season, and players must help Eira, found in Burthorpe, recover pieces of his clockwork toy which have been stolen by snow implings.

Similarly to other time-limited events, players can gather the clockwork pieces by training most skills conventionally, with an extra 20% from training Invention, Crafting and Hunter, or by completing daily challenges. The clockwork pieces may also be collected by fighting most monsters and by capturing snow implings, which give 20 pieces per catch.

Each time the player logs in during the event, they will be greeted with one of the following announcements:

  • Help Eira save Christmas by collecting clockwork pieces and returning them to her in Burthorpe!
  • Santa's head elf, Eira, needs your help to collect clockwork pieces stolen by the naughty snow imps!

Event noticeboards and the Event interface can be used to teleport to Eira for the duration of the event.


Players can recover 10,000 clockwork pieces and return them to Eira to receive rewards.

Amount of clockwork handed in Reward
Clockwork pieces 2,000 Clockwork shield Clockwork shield
Clockwork pieces 4,000 Event mystery box (Going Like Clockwork) Event mystery box
Clockwork pieces 5,000 A clockwork lemon A clockwork lemon
Clockwork pieces 7,000 Clockwork crown Clockwork crown
Clockwork pieces 8,500 Big event mystery box (Going Like Clockwork) Big event mystery box
Clockwork pieces 10,000 Gnorm Gnorm

Mystery boxesEdit

Spare pieces can be provided to Eira to receive an event mystery box or big event mystery box, both of which contain some previous Christmas event rewards and other miscellaneous items. The previous event rewards that can be received from them are:

Reward Unlocks G.E price
Snowverload plush token Snowverload plush token Snowverload plushie Snowverload plushie 76,241
Mammoth plush token Mammoth plush token Mammoth plushie Mammoth plushie 102,150
Penguin plush token Penguin plush token Penguin plushie Penguin plushie 107,748
Buddy pet token Buddy pet token Buddy Buddy 341,178
Christmas lootbeam token Christmas lootbeam token Sapphire blue present Christmas loot beam 403,286
Rubber turkey Rubber turkey 4,319,394
Off-hand rubber turkey Off-hand rubber turkey 4,450,787



  • Snow implings originally gave 200 clockwork pieces per catch during the event upon release. This was hotfixed at 02:22 UTC on 13 November 2017 to give 20 instead due to players completing the event too quickly and gaining mystery boxes at a fast rate.

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