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Zamorak hilt detail

A Godsword hilt is an item dropped by the four Bosses (but not any of the sub-bosses) of each God from the God Wars Dungeon. The hilts come in 4 different varieties, Zamorakian, Saradominist, Bandosian, and Armadylean. Godsword hilts may be attached to a Godsword blade to create either an Armadyl Godsword, a Bandos Godsword, a Saradomin Godsword, or a Zamorak Godsword.

Changing a hilt only changes the Godsword's appearance and passive effect - its bonuses do not change.

The hilt is the most expensive part of the Godsword. The Godsword blade is unusable until a hilt is attached.

Unlike making the Godsword blade, adding and removing hilts does not require a Smithing level.

The hiltsEdit

Armadyl hiltEdit

Main article: Armadyl hilt

Attaching the Armadyl hilt to a Godsword blade creates an Armadyl godsword. The Armadyl godsword has a passive effect that hits 25% of the time; when it does, it raises the wielder's Attack and Strength levels by 1 each time, for up to 10% of the wielder's attack and strength levels. This boost does not stack with potions.

Bandos hiltEdit

Main article: Bandos hilt

Attaching the Bandos hilt to a Godsword blade creates a Bandos godsword. The Bandos godsword has a passive effect that decreases the target's level in Defence by 1 if they are above a certain base Defence level. This passive effect has a 25% chance of occurring with a successful hit.

Saradomin hiltEdit

Main article: Saradomin hilt

Attaching the Saradomin hilt to a Godsword blade creates a Saradomin godsword. The Saradomin godsword has a passive ability that has a 25% chance to restore 3% life points and 3% prayer points. This occurs regardless of whether or not the damage dealt is from autoattacks or abilities. The amount restored is always 3%; it is not dependent on the amount of damage dealt.

Zamorak hiltEdit

Main article: Zamorak hilt

Attaching the Zamorak hilt to a Godsword blade creates a Zamorak godsword. The Zamorak godsword has a passive effect. This godsword has a 25% chance to root and stun the target for 5 seconds on a successful hit. However, the effect only roots against players and does not stun.


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