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The God letters were a feature in RuneScape where a player could send a letter through post or e-mail to Jagex, who would pass it on to one of three major RuneScape gods: Guthix, Saradomin, or Zamorak. These 3 gods would respond to the letter, much like the Postbag from the Hedge feature. The last issue was released on 9 December 2004. This feature has been discontinued. The issues are available for viewing in the RuneScape archive.

Saradomin would answer in a polite yet somewhat egotistical manner, though his answers were generally accurate; Zamorak would respond to letters with frequent insults and would belittle players' questions; and Guthix would speak in an unbiased tone, but would occasionally hide things from the players. Guthix would also use old-fashioned dialects, and words and phrases not used in modern English.

Before the god letters were discontinued, players often addressed the gods when they wanted to ask general questions or questions about strange phenomena. After it was discontinued, players often forwarded their questions to "scholarly" characters, such as Mr. Mordaut or Reldo.

Remember: The God Letters are only considered to be canonical as long as their information does not conflict with other sources, in which case these sources take precedence.



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