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Game announcementNews: Goblins are conducting a raid in the Lumbridge farm!
Goblin raid map icon
Goblin raid

Hollowtoof and several Goblin Raiders raid a potato field.

Goblin Raids are a members-only feature in Gielinor that was released on 17 October 2012. Every 30 minutes a notice goes out detailing the latest location of a goblin raid. It is up to the player to repulse the raiders.

"High levelled" is considered around level 95.

Finding a raidEdit

Raids are announced server wide approximately every 30 minutes. The player will get a notification on the whereabouts of a goblin raids in the chat box.

NOTE: To receive a notification about a raid, one must have disabled the filter on the "Game" tab. Also, high-levelled players must talk to the Doomsayer in Lumbridge to toggle the notification. A special icon of a goblin face will also appear on the player's map.


When there is a raid, Goblin Raiders will appear at the place indicated by the message. These raiders will shout various phrases such as "Got one!" and "I got a ...". Each time they shout this, one raided drop (logs for a wood-gathering goblin, seeds for a goblin on a farm) is added to that goblin. When it is killed, they drop all of it. For example when a goblin has said something three times, it will drop two logs and one oak logs. The Goblin Raid is lead by the Chieftain Hollowtoof. Players must kill all of the raiders in order to fight the chief.

After all the raiders are defeated, Hollowtoof will shout "Now it's my turn!" or "You not so big!" and will become an attackable NPC who can be killed for Raider equipment. However if you do not wish to attack him just go up to him as a level 45 and speak with him. After a quick talk with him he will panic and be extremely afraid of you, and he will give you the raider items on the spot.

Goblin Village BossesEdit

Players can also go to the Goblin Village and kill 15 goblins inside the village. For each 15 goblins killed, one of the 3 goblin bosses will spawn and attack.

The bosses are:

Each boss uses a different fighting style. Each boss has a chance to drop the goblin cower shield. This is a side event and can be done whether the player has participated in the Goblin Raid or not. Be sure not to wander past the entrance to the Goblin Village. Killing goblins who wander outside the gates does not count.

Killing a Boss Goblin completes the task "Like a Boss", "Kill a boss goblin in the Goblin Village." This task is part of the Easy Falador tasks set, but not required for the Taskmaster Emote.


The goblins drop skilling materials useful to lower levelled players.

For everyone who participated in the onslaught, Commander Yodri will appear and give the player an item from the black guard's store for every goblin slain. He also mentions that he will give extra rewards based on the location: killing goblins in farms will give seeds, forests will give logs, and mines will give ores.

Hollowtoof chathead

Also, if the player is exceptionally high-levelled, during the activity, they can speak to Hollowtoof, the raid leader, before all the goblins are killed to receive the entire Raider set. (Note, when you have the whole raider set and kill Hollowtoof again, you will receive any of the items, but the chainbody seems to be the most common.). After the raid, when Yodri and his crew are there, a special icon of a dwarf face will appear on the player's map.

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