Goblin names are given to a player during the Land of the Goblins quest. When talking to the goblin guards after transforming into a goblin, they will try to guess your goblin name. If you don't like the name you're given, select the guess again option for another name choice. After choosing one name, talk to the guards again to change to different name. A player's goblin name appears in the quest journal.

The name is a random combination of a prefix (Beetle, Bent, Blob, Bone, Dirt, Drip, Earth, Fat, Foul, Frog, Grass, Grub, Lump, Maggot, Moss, Mud, Roach, Slime, Slug, Small, Smelly, Snail, Snow, Snot, Stupid, Thick, Thin, Toad, Ugly, Wart, Wood & Worm) and body part (arms, beard, blood, bones, bottom, brain, brains, chin, ears, eye, eyes, face, feet, finger, fingers, fists, foot, hair, hands, head, knees, knuckles, legs, nails, neck, nose, teeth, thighs, thumb, toes & tongue) for a total of 992 possible names.

It is possible to have the same name as the following goblin characters:

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